Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rare Pre-Monty Python Footage Unearthed

A precursor to Monty Python, which was once believed to have been lost forever, is to receive a rare screening next month. Michael Palin and Terry Jones will take to the stage to introduce their 1969 sketch show, The Complete And Utter History, on London’s South Bank.

The comedy, which aired on ITV, was presented like a news show, with ‘live’ footage from historical events such as the Battle of Hastings. The original tapes were thought to have been wiped straight after transmission, as video was expensive and storage space at a premium at the time.

For several years the only surviving footage were the film inserts which Jones collected. Three editions have recently resurfaced through the British Film Institute’s Missing Believed Wiped initiative, which aims to recover lost footage from collectors and other sources.

The Rock Will Make You Get Smart

Head over to Cinematical for a behind the scenes video with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson!

International trailer for Get Smart Above.

Robert Downey Jr. At It Again?

Everyones favourite actor again Robert Downey Jr. continues blazing his comeback trail with his new film, The Soloist. USA Today have the first released picture from the film.

In The Soloist, Downey Jr. plays Steve Lopez, a real-life Los Angeles Times columnist who discovers a homeless musical prodigy (Jamie Foxx) living on Skid Row.

Hey Now, Jeffery Tambor talks Hellboy!

Avclub have posted up an interview with the brilliant Jeffrey Tambor in which he talks about playing his iconic roles like George Bluth (Arrested Development), "Hey Now" Hank Kingsley (The Larry Sanders Show) and Tom Manning (Hellboy/Hellboy 2). He also talks about the up coming Hellboy film and the rumors of the Arrested Development Movie.
Guillermo del Toro. He's in his pure artist's stroke. He's just hitting it out of the park. I would go anywhere to work with him. He's a real artist. And I hear that [Hellboy 2] is going to be a killer—July 11 it's coming out. It's wonderful. I hope I do Hellboy 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…
There are rumors that it's going to be done(Arrested Development Movie), and everyone just seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm ready, and everyone's on board, so I hope it really happens. Everybody I talk to is very excited about it. When I talk to people that decry that we're not on, I say, "You know, there are rumors, heavy rumors going around that there's going to be a movie." And they go crazy. A lot of "hurrahs" going on. But I know it's not written. Right now, it's just pure intention. But I think it will happen if the good people at Fox and everybody else just gets their act together.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Red One

Empire have an exclusive new poster for Hellboy II: The Golden Army and it makes a fine addition to the other great one sheets that have already been released. Hellboy II: The Golden Army sees Guillermo Del Toro back at the helm as Big Red is called upon to save humanity from a mythical realm that threatens to break out into the human world and take over Earth led by none other than Luke Gross of Bros fame. Alot of boy bands seem to be reforming these days but Bros approach seems a little extreme.

Unfortunately the film will not be released in Ireland and the UK till August 22 a whole month after its had it release state side, this makes me a sad panda.

Zap Brannigan Returns

A big criticism for many was the lack of Zap Branniagan goodness in the last Futurama straight to DVD adventure. The trailer for Futurama The Beast With A Billion Backs has just hit and though we don't get to see much of old Zap in it the trailer, producers have promised Zap has a significant role in this adventure!

Is The End Nigh For CGI?

Very interesting article from The Guardian about how film makers are turning there back on digital effects
Gil Taylor was the cinematographer on the first Star Wars back in 1977. In fact, he's the man who made the lightsaber glow. "It was very do-it-yourself," he says. "The lightsabers were just triangular bits of wood which were covered in reflective material that I projected a spotlight on to. They've gone over to digital now, which I never used and I don't believe in. Personally, I'm incredibly bored with those effects; they've taken over everything."

Christopher Nolan, the director behind Batman Begins and its eagerly anticipated sequel, The Dark Knight (out on July 25), told one interviewer that he thinks modern blockbusters are "more and more like animation films or video games". He has very publicly returned to using mostly props, models of sets, camera movements, pyrotechnics and plain old stuntmen to give his films their bang. JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost, has also gone so far as to reassure worried fans that the new Star Trek film he's directing won't rely too much on the power of silicon chips. Even those behind the digital effects sometimes balk at what appears on the big screen. "You can use CG too much," says Dafydd Morris, a computer animator who recently worked on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. "There's no need to green-screen everything."

One telling factor in the attitudes of Nolan and Abrams could be their ages: Nolan is 37, Abrams 41. "They grew up watching films of the 80s or the 'golden age' of creature effects like Terminator, Aliens or The Thing, and miss the tactile reality they had," suggests Oscar-nominated effects artist Alec Gillis. "These directors want audiences to have a lifelike experience, not a video-game sensory assault. They want stuntmen daring to risk their lives, full-scale buildings being blown up, totally convincing miniatures rocketing through the sky. CG often gives a physics-defying, over-nuanced, pristine-ness that defies our primal knowledge of reality. Christopher Nolan wants us to believe." Gillis is feeling the benefits of those attitudes - his skills are back in demand and he's working on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the prequel to the X-Men series.

For Star Trek, Abrams hired Rob Burman, whose family has been in the effects business since his grandfather helped create Wolfman in 1931. "CGI had become more than just a tool over the past few years," Burman says, "but now everyone is getting used to the toy and beginning to see the limitations of it. It takes you out of the grounding of the film. If you watch the Spider-Man movies, it's great swinging through the city from his point of view, but you don't have the thrill of knowing it's a real guy doing these things. It can look utterly believable, but if what you're watching is beyond possibility, it's hard to suspend your disbelief. You want people to go to the movie and get lost in it. If you start thinking, 'Oh, that was fake,' then you're automatically back in a seat in a theatre."

He thinks that the kind of puppets and creatures he provides are better on set as well as in the cinema. "Having something practical there helps everyone involved,"he says. "Actors don't have to focus on a green tennis ball on a stick and pretend it's this big monster or character." Which perhaps explains why otherwise good actors such as Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson often looked perplexed and wooden in the entirely green-screen Star Wars prequels. "It even helps the editing and it helps the framing of the shot to have a literal 3D object in front of the camera," adds Burman. "Everything is much simpler."

The Spirit Colour Concerns Addressed!

Frank Miller has a blog for The Spirit addresses some of the comments and concerns that have been aired on the internet. He's delighted that this character resonates enough to engender comments and concerns; I think that's just the nature of the internet people will bitch.

Miller sets the record straight on the film's look :
The Spirit is a full color movie, despite how the teaser looked. He also claims to have stayed very close to Spirit creator Will Eisner's vision and to have made the movievery much in his... well, his spirit. The lengthiest part of Miller's surprisingly good-natured defense of his movie comes in the form of talking about the Spirit's costume, which was blue in the original comics and black here.

Comic books have long traditions based on the limitations of pre-digital printing. Among these are traditions from the old newsprint-run-through-letterpress approach(yes, comics have been—and still do--follow tradition that dates all the way back to Gutenberg!). Bad printing on pulp paper is why it was necessary for every superhero to have his emblem printed on his chest, and that everything that's blackbe printed in blue. Hence Superman's preposterous blue hair. And the Spirit's blue hat, mask, and suit.

In tests—and we did several—the blue made the Spirit look like an unfortunate guest at a Halloween party. Going to black brings back his essential mystery, his Zorro like sexiness. It also makes that red tie of his look very, very cool. So I made the call, with all respect to Eisner's creation, and most importantly, to what I perceived as his underlying intention. It was an easy call for me to make. The Spirit dresses in black, and looks much the better for it. As I said, my desire was never to slavishly follow the rules of '40s printing into campy oblivion, but to reintroduce Eisner's creation, via modern technology, to our brave new world.
No explanantion on why we see the octopus (in all this David Bowie inspired Glory) or how The Spirit gets massive bags of cat food.

My Booky Wook Biopic Canned

Crazy big haired funny man Russell Brand has dropped plans to make his chequered life story into a film.The comic says he’s afraid a movie version of his warts-and-all autobiography, My Booky Wook, might tarnish his image with the American public, just as his Hollywood career is taking off.

The film – which was to have been made by 24 Hour Party People director Michael Winterbottom – would have highlighted his drug addiction and sexual debauchery in a way that might not have played will with conservative Middle America. ‘I’m not going to make the Booky Wooky into a film any more because then people in America will learn what my past is like,’ he told MTV News.

Zack & Miri Make A Porno Teaser Trailer

Elizabeth Banks is pretty damn likable, Seth Rogen whats not to love, Kevin Smith eh well he did make Clerks

Zack and Miri Make A Porno could this one could be his 1st truely decent flick for a while?

Check the expletive ridden teaser trailer out!

Robert Rodriguez Shorts Needs William H. Macy

Robert Rodriguez who for a while had been incredibly quiet especially for his output but that all changed this week with details of his new tv show and now just announced his cast for his upcoming film Shorts, and its a beauty. Rodriguez has lined up a terrific cast of comedy talents. So far the cast counts William H. Macy, John Cryer, James Spader and Leslie Mann.

Shorts is a family film, to be written and directed by Rodriguez, set in an identikit town where everybody works for the same company, Black Box, which is used for almost every function of the inhabitants' lives. Chaos follows when a boy is hit in the head with a rainbow-coloured rock that grants wishes.

Burn After Reading More Coen Brothers Genius

First Trailer For Burn After Reading.

Look brilliant and amazingly brilliant cast too!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Larry & Woody

Head over to the thebadandugly for some onset pictures of Woody Allen's latest untitled venture. Larry David in ridiculous shorts buying bananas it don't get better than that my friends!

Is Priyanka Chopra Superman's New Love Interest? reports that Bryan Singer may have offered Indian actress Priyanka Chopra a role in The Man Of Steel.

Priyanka Chopra is likely to play Superman's love interest in the flick's upcoming sequel. According to our sources, Priyanka has been offered the role of Superman's leading lady in the latest sequel and she has almost given her final nod though the official statement is yet to be released.

Speaking to Spicezee, a source said, "The filmmakers had been looking for an Indian face for quite long as the role is of an Indian scientist. When they came to know of Priyanka shooting in the US for Dostana, the director of Superman went to the shoot to judge her work." Impressed by the sizzling beauty, Priyanka was offered the role. However, there is no official word out as yet.
If it is indeed official this surely must be an indication that Singer has found his new writers and story for the Superman sequel.

For A World Exclusive Of Superman And His Indian Love Interest!

Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche

Ioncinema have got the exclusive on Synecdoche.

Caden, the main character, is a theatre director. After the inception of his new play, he discovers that his various autonomic functions are shutting down one at a time. The movie goes into themes such as the nature of family, of home, and of male-female relationships, all while blurring the nature of reality and representation in a nature consistent with the earlier work of Charlie Kauffman.

Hulk Smash

Here is the latest TV spot for The Incredible Hulk, set to be released on June 13, but if you watch it to the end I do not think its that good of an idea to get into a taxi with him either?

Also over at Superhero Hype they have an interview Liv Tyler about playing Betty Ross.

Movieweb have a host of clips of the Big Green Lug too!

Shane Meadows 'Somers Town' Set For Edinburgh Premiere

The UK premiere of Shane's new film 'Somers Town' will take place on the 20th June at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The film which already has won awards after being screend at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, both lead actors, Thomas Turgoose and Piotr Jagiello, won the award for Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film!

The film is set in Somers Town, a London neighborhood by St Pancras rail station, young Tom, who had nothing to keep him back home in Nottingham, encounters Marek, a young Polish immigrant with nothing to fill his days.It's a mismatched friendship: Tom (dubbed Tomo by Marek) is full of youthful swagger and Marek, an amateur photographer who lives with his disciplinarian father, is more introspective and cautious. Their dynamic is uneasy and awkward at first as each teen believes himself to be the more mature, but a genuine rapport develops between the two. When Tomo and Marek both fall for the same girl, the common ground between them is further solidified.

Somers Town should see a nationwide release in August or September in Eire and UK.

James McAvoy Tipped For Hobbit Role

The Daily Express reports that Jame Mcavoy tops the produce wish list for the lead in the Hobbit.

"A number of names have been doing the rounds, including Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black, but James McAvoy is the one the film's bosses really want."They're expected to have talks soon so hopefully it could be confirmed in the not too distant future."And director del Toro adds, "I can tell you it's down to a few names that we all agree upon. For our first choice, completely magically we all have the same name."

44 Inch Chest Adds A Few More

Sexy Beast writers Louis Melles and David Scinto new project 44 Inch Chest starts shooting this week with Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt and Tim Roth already on board. Well Today the impressive cast added a few extra more as it's announced that Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane, Joanne Whalley and Melvil Poupaud will join them. Former Advert director Malcolm Venville makes his feature debut on this story of a British gangster exacting revenge on his wife and her younger French lover.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neil Gaiman To Write For Who

Not strictly film news, but it seems that Steven Moffat has took no time in taking over the reigns from Russell T. Davies. There is whispers floating around the net that the brilliant Neil Gaiman has been aproached to write episodes for the 2010 series. This would be a brilliant acqusition for the new team in charge of the series and I believe Neil Gaiman is already a massive fan of the doctor.

Got Milk?, Batman Does!

A pint of Milk helps your bones, And thats a natural law!

The Road is F-ing Tough

With filming wrapped and a release date set for November 26th, Cormac McCarthy modern masterpiece The Road will be hitting the big screen. Staring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee and directed by John Hillcoat the story is a post-apocalyptic tale of a father and son trying to survive a new, terrifying landscape.

With new stills of the film released John Hillcoat sat down for an interview to describe his approach to the the translation from novel to film:
"What's moving and shocking about McCarthy's book is that it's so believable," Mr. Hillcoat said. "So what we wanted is a kind of heightened realism, as opposed to the 'Mad Max' thing, which is all about high concept and spectacle. We're trying to avoid the clichés of apocalypse and make this more like a natural disaster."

For more on the The Road visit the nytimes for an article on the film.

Step Brothers Trailer Now With Added Bad Language

Hopefully this one will be good as Will Ferrell ain't done a good comedy since Anchorman!

Willem Dafoe Shows His Teeth

ShockTillYouDrop reports that Willem Dafoe has joined the already impressive cast of the horror-fantasy film Cirque du Freak. Bearing his teeth for a thrid time Dafoe will play a vampire having already played the brillant Max Schreck/Count Orlock in Shadow of the Vampire and also one in Daybreakers it just seems you can't keep a good vampire dead.

Joining him will be John C. Reilly, Ken Watanabe, Chris Massoglia, Josh Hutcherson, Patrick Fugit, Ray Stevenson, Michael Cerveris, Frankie Faison, Jane Krakowski, Orlando Jones, Kristen Schaal and Salma Hayek.

Based on the novel of the same name by Irish Aurhor Darren Shan, the film tells the story of a teenager who becomes a vampire's assistant in a bid to save his friend's life after the pair attend an illegal freak show.After leaving home to join the travelling circus, he finds himself embroiled in a war between good and evil vampires. Paul Weitz will direct the movie for a 2009 release.

Robocop 3D & Rocky 7??

The Big wigs at MGM held a conference discussing the company’s future plans, franchise-speaking, MGM’s Mary Parent mentioned the possibility of continuing the “Rocky” series.

Why oh why oh why, I thought Stallone made the last one as his swan song to Rocky and had also made a big deal that this was definitely the book closed on the Rocky Series.

Also mentioned was the new Robocop film being possibly 3D

For MGM, among those is a continuation of Bond and Pink Panther sequels, an announced remake of "Fame" and a not-yet-announced remake of "RoboCop," possibly in 3D.

New Fraggle Movie Details

Cory Edwards is hard at work with the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie, and he has posted some details on his blog and it's sounding great.

And old school fans should feel reassured:

“It’s my goal to do everything the “old school Muppet way.” I do believe there are many Henson fans who would have my head on a platter if I attempted anything else. If it is possible to do something physically, on set and “in camera,” we will do it. But it’s also fair to say that I will use today’s effects to enhance or help any scene. I will just keep asking myself, WWJD? (”What Would Jim Do?”)”
He also goes on to say:

“I have come up with an original take based on that. There will be elements of a classic fantasy ‘quest’ movie with some traditional high-energy Muppet hijinks thrown in. My goal is to make this more than just a “cute” movie that occupies a kid’s attention span for 90 minutes. And the movie will not simply be a feature-length version of a Fraggle TV episode. It will deliver much more. I want to create something that will stay true to the spirit of the original show, but also go way beyond it. This is going to be a big fantasy adventure film that stands up to anything else at the multiplex today. Everyone involved in this project wants the same thing.”

Choke Trailer

Choke is a black comedy and the latest adaptation of a Chuck Pahlaniuk novel, It follows Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell), a sex addict who works as a Colonial War re-enactor and runs a con scheme that involves deliberately choking in restaurants and attaching himself parasitically to his rescuers, all to fund his mother's (Huston) care at a private mental hospital.

Is Tobey Spider-man No More?

UPDATE: Sony Pictures tells Superherohype that there is no truth to the rumor that the studio is looking to replace Tobey Maguire in the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in future "Spider-Man" movies.

Are Sony looking for a new Spider-man? According to Latino Review it seems so. Last week rumours flooded the net that Sony is looking to shoot Spider-man 4 and Spider-man 5 back to back using a script by James Vanderbilt with a release date for 2010 and 2011.

Latino Review have a good track record with some of their scoops in the past being right, so it will be interesting to see what happens. If it is true is this also an indication Sam Raimi is no longer involved as director.

Latino Review also mention that:

Laura Ziskin and Grant Curtis are tossing names around. NO OFFERS HAVE BEEN MADE YET. That being said, the name at the top of their list to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman is……PATRICK FUGIT.

Yep the guy from Almost Famous!

Hopefully the powers that be at Sony will release something official soon regarding Spidey and his future.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bloody Typical, Hobbit Hopes Maybe Dashed Once More!

Just when things when things where looking up with The Hobbit, the genius decision of bringing Guillmero Del Toro to direct the Hobbit and a certain Mr. Jackson back on board in the films development and then this very promising recent transcript of a recent chat with Guillmero and Peter and the stage the film is at.

Then comes news of this, that could at worse end any hope of the film being made and no doubt is going to cause delays to the film.

Holy Christ No! Remakes Mania Enters A New Low.

You don't fuck with the classics even the famously bad ones so when I came across this I was none to happy!

Darkstone is planning on releasing the new Plan 9 from Outer Space on September 9, 2009 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Wood's original.

Whatever happened to original ideas?

Hayao Miyazaki Cover Art

Legendary animator Hayo Miyazaki has drawn the cover for a Japaneses magazine that displays an image from his up and coming new film Pony on a Cliff which is to be released in Japan in July.

Pony on the cliff or its Japanese name Gake no Ue no Ponyo will be Miyazaki's 8th feature made under studio Ghibli, the film will feature a style heavily based on water colour, hand painted look which is similar to another studio Ghibli film My Neighbors the Yamadas and a first for Miyazaki himself. Story wise in a recent interview the man himself had this to say:

"I moved the location of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid to the Japan of today and cut off the Catholic color. It will show an adventure and love of small kids." Miyazaki also told, "This is a story about a fish kid that has a selfish wish to get along with Sousuke, a human boy, and carries out her intention. Meanwhile it is a story about the 5 year old boy Sousuke carrying out his promise."

For more info and interviews check out the Ghibli World website, below are a few images from the film.

Grindhouse Coming to the Small Screen

Robert Rodriguez is bringing grindhouse cinema to the small screen in the form of a new TV show WOMEN IN CHAINS! Click here for more info over at ain't it cool news.

Christain Bale Interview

Head over to Details where Christain Bale discusses the work of Heath Ledger, his career so far and a whole host of interesting tidbits

New Watchmen Picture

The lads over at Aint It Cool News got an exclusive image of The Minutemen from the Watchmen movie. Head over to Aint It Cool to see it in its all glory!

In further Watchmen news it looks like "Tales of the Black Freighter" which was originally thought to be a dvd extra when the film came out on dvd will get its own DVD release five days after the movie hits Cinemas. There is also talk of the studio planning twelve 20-minute Webisodes to help make the complex story easier for the uninitiated to digest. Called "The Watchmen Motion Comic," it will be a panel-by-panel slide show of the graphic novel narrated by an actor.

Inglorius Bastards Is Go?

Tarantino's long promised war film may actually come to fruition soon, responding to questions in Cannes about his next project Tarantino answered:
The next movie I'm doing is my World War II movie. I just finished up the first draft and if ALL GOES WELL, I will be here, in Cannes, in 2009 with INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!

Source: Joblo

Farewell Sydney Pollack

The great Sydney Pollack died yesterday at 73 a fantastic ambassador for the craft of film both behind and in front of the screen, he will be sadly missed.

CLick Here for a BBC overwiew of his career with added video.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Captain America Film Casting Suggestion

There has been alot of talk about the upcoming Captain America film and who should play the part, direct the film. What we are amazed by there is a very obvious and perfect choice for the role who has so far not be mentioned. Flick News is gonna suggest Matt Damon should be considered for the part, he has the look, fan boys would agree and most important of all we could see him the nailing the part perfectly.

Marvel should maybe look at bringing the Paul Greengrass/Matt Damon partnership on board as if anyone is going to do cap justice they are your guys! And while we are on a Roll Ed Brubaker should be involved in the script process of the film, he thinks cinematic and the Captain America Comics under his reign have been fantastic.

Take Part In Our Poll Share Your Opinion!

If you don't think Damon is a good choice, use comments who you would like to see just please No Matthew McConaughey Suggestions!


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