Monday, June 30, 2008

A Hell Of A Lot Of Hellboy 2 Clips has posted up seven new clips from Hellboy II: The Golden Army so check them out.

Film Tidbits: Kevin Smith, Terminator 4, King Lear, A Christmas Carol, Billy Smoke

Kevin Smith sees The Dark Knight (better than Jersey Girl?)

Helena Bonham Carter has a small but pivotal role in Terminator 4 (Could A Good Cast Be T4's Salvation?)

Legendary Pictures Gearing for 300 Follow-Up (301?)

All Star Cast for King Lear which maybe shot in Ireland (O, untimely death!)

Gary Oldman Confirms Roles in Robert Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol (This Could Be A Classic)

Matthew Fox Is Billy Smoke (Based On A Comic That Ain't Been Released Yet)

Quantum of Solace Teaser Released

Terrific amazing stuff!

To see it in HD click here!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guillermo Del Toro Has Cast His Frankenstein's Monster

Director Guillermo Del Toro was asked by at the premiere of Hellboy II: The Golden Army who he has in mind to play Frankenstein's Monster, his answer long time collabarotar Doug Jones.
"For the monster I would love to have Doug Jones," he revealed. Jones has worked for the director as a creature performance since Mimic and plays Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films. "I think he can do a fantastic job. Ron looks seven feet tall in Hellboy, but he's not. I think we could do that with Doug, but I would love to do it with him. The only vision of the Frankenstein monster I've ever latched onto is Berni Wrighton's. He's lanky and long and it's gorgeous in a tragic way. Doug has all of those qualities."
Well don't hold your breath for this as Del Toro will be busy directing the two Hobbit films first but its good to see he still has other projects on his mind also when asked about who he has in mind for Victor Frankenstein:
"I won't say anything 'cause then you would know what I'm doing."

Riddle Me This, Which Villan Could Appear In the Third Batman?

Its not even out yet and there is already talk about the third instalment in the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy, Gary Oldman spoke to moviehole about Heath Ledger’s role as The Joker and what he thinks will happen for a third film with regards to The Joker.

“I don’t see why not. I mean, they did it with Katie Holmes’ character. I understand that this is a different circumstance, but I think another actor could do the job. I think Heath would want another actor to do the job.” Oldman then took a moment to think about it some more, “Maybe we don’t need the Joker. Because we’ll have The Riddler.”
Not too sure how to take this but could it be that The Riddler will step up as the next foe to face Batman! While its still a rumour about the 3rd Batman Film, Doctor Who himself David Tennant has expressed an interest to play the villain. Flicks News think's this would be a great casting choice and David Tennant would be a perfect fit into the Batman world. Plus a Christopher Nolan Riddler would be a sight to see as in the comics hes a bit rubbish and seen more as a loser villain so be cool to see him as a Keyser Söze of Gotham.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

News Vids For Hellboy II

A collection of trailers, a featurette and an animated prolong can be found here for all your Hellboy needs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tartan Films Is Dead

First Tartan Films USA was closed down but the UK branch seemed still to be going strong but now its reported that Tartan Films is no more. There was no news on any foreclosure till yesterday when Tartan Films UK employees turned up for work to find the offices locked up and were told later in the day that Tartan UK is dead. This is very sad news for lovers of Asian and World independent cinema.

First Look At Hayao Miyazaki Latest

This is the first trailer for Gake no Ue no Ponyo or Pony on a Cliff for us English speaking people. It was premiered on a Japanese TV show so that explains the rather insane set up and weird people watching on in the corner of the screen so it probably won't make much sense but it looks very pretty.

Don't Be A Smart Arse To Hellboy

Eventually you love people - friends or lovers - because of their flaws.

UPDATE: Another New Clip

Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man

In a recent interview with Edgar Wright he confirmed that Ant-Man is still going ahead (happy times), he also talks about his upcoming projects, Scott Pilgrim, The World's End and Them. So good news for Ant Man and film fans alike heres what Edgar had to say.

I wrote that for Marvel and I’m in the process of doing a second draft. I had a lot of fun writing that script, I wrote it with this guy Joe Cornish, who is a really funny UK writer. It’s not really an out-and-out comedy. I think some people assume that it must be a spoof, but it’s not really. I guess it’s as funny as something like Iron Man is, it’s on that level of entertainment, really. It’s a big, high concept, special effects comic book adaptation, and very character-led and we found a way of… I guess in a similar way to Iron Man, the thing that worked with that and hopefully will with this is that it’s a different way of seeing a superhero origin, because you’ve seen so many of them and we really tried to figure out a fresh take on that story. So it’s definitely a Marvel film but it’s got a little twist on it in terms of the way that it plays out.

Short Quantum of Solace Teaser Trailer Teaser

Full trailer is due on Monday!

The Dark Knight: Gotham Tonight Episode 3 & 4

Part 3 deals with the return of Johnathan Crane (Scarecrow).

Part 4 profiles Jim Gordon.

In other news it has been confirmed the credits will end with:

In memory of our friends

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robert Rodriguez To Direct Red Sonja

The USA Today is saying that Millennium Films have got Robert Rodriguez to bring Red Sonja back to the big screen with Rose McGowan to be involved in some way, I wonder who Red Sonja will be? David N. White was announced as the screenwriter so its not too sure if Robert Rodriguez will write or co write yet.

He also added that the Barbarella remake is delayed because of the writers strike and possible actors strike.

UPDATE: The full USA Today article has gone online and says Robert Rodriguez will not be sitting in the director chair for this one but will produce, Douglas Aarniokoski, whose been a long time collaborator of Rodriguez working often as assistant director will direct the film. Rodriguez had this to say:
"I was surprised when Rose brought me a script of Red Sonja that she liked, I found it very entertaining. Sonja was strong, smart, cunning — just about everything she'd have to be to survive."

Jason Bourne Is Back

Over at producer Frank Marshall talks about plans to begin shooting the fourth Jason Bourne movie next Summer, for release in 2010. Director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon are set to return but Marshall said the story for the fourth film will be an original written for the sceen and not based on any previous material.
There was a fourth book written, but it was not by Mr. Ludlum. So we’re probably going to take our own direction and we’re working on what that storyline’s gonna be right now.”

So where will Bourne end up this time Marshall is predicting South America.

The Dark Knight Trailer 3 Is Back Up

The Comcast TDK trailer is back up in better quailty:

QuickTime, Hi-Res

QuickTime, Med-Res

QuickTime, Lo-Res

Plus the two face clip is gone from Hero Today Gone Tomorrow.

UPDATE: That's was not enough Dark Knight for ya well here's more, you can get a whole rundown on the new film images and banners and posters here.

The Comcast Dark Knight tie in site has new featurettes which are "Filming in Chicago," "Batman Unmasked" and "Gotham Knight Behind the Scenes."

Clint Could Have Punks Running Scared One Last Time

Clint Eastwood in an interview with MTV said he would not competly rule out the idea of another Dirty Harry movie, He told MTV:

"I'm 78 years old, and you're pretty well drummed out of the police force by that age. There could be a scenario. I suppose if some mythical writer came out of nowhere and it was the greatest thing on the planet, I'd certainly have to think about it, but it's not like I've ever courted it."

"I feel like that was an era of my life, and I've gone on to other things. I'm not sure about being Dirty Harry again, but who knows?"

So there you go if you want to see another Dirty Harry Movie get that pen to paper and write him a great script, my idea Dirty Harry fights the undead, these punks won't stay dead.

Two New X Files Clips

Yahoo is hosting two new clips from The X-Files: I Want To Believe so check them out here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Batman Does Not Like 'The Dark Knight'

Well it was bound to happen, somebody was gonna come along and say they do not like 'The Dark Knight'. But who'd of guessed it would be Batman himself Adam West? Yep in a recent interview with he has this to say:
I've only seen bits and pieces of [Nolan's Batman movies]. There's an enormous amount of effort and time and money that goes into the making of them, but it's a different generation. They're a different kind of thing than ours was. They're dark, gothic, sinister, full of explosions. We didn't approach it that way at all.
Well I would like to point out to Mr West that the first Batman story, "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate," had Batman showing little remorse over killing or maiming criminals and he had no problem using a gun, so the character was always The Dark Knight.

Plus in Dark Knight news, wired has a very cool article with Christopher Nolan about TDK dropping digital effects for the real thing.

RocknRolla Trailer Hits The Web

Guy Ritchie latest RocknRolla has got its trailer and can be seen here. Probably would have been a bigger deal in 2000 if this was Guy's third film, but sadly that's not the case he had to curse the world with Swept Away and his other so called back to gangster movie the horrible and mind numbingly confusing Revolver.

Featuring Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Jeremy Piven, Tom Wilkinson and Idris Elba the film is about London's criminal underworld takes notice of a Russian mobster's shady land deal, a scam that puts millions of dollars up for grabs. Its out on the 5th September

Arrested Development Movie For Next Year?

The Times Interviewing Jason Bateman seems to think so:
'A big-screen version of Arrested Development is planned for next year.'
“When it was on TV, if you missed one word the whole third act could be blown for you. And TV is a different experience. You come home and you've got to finish a call so you miss the first ten minutes or you get snacky and you go to the fridge and you miss another two minutes, so it's a different experience to film.”
Jeffrey Tambor was promoting Hellboy 2 on Craig Ferguson and he also mentions doing it next year! Great interview but scroll to 7:15 if you wanna see him mention the movie!

Film Tidbits: Hostel 3, X Factor Film, Fast Furious 4, Eagle Eye, SAG Target Comic Con

Eli Roth will not write or direct Hostel 3 (Because The 2nd Was Such A Hit??)

Simon Cowell offers Paul Potts Biopic One Chance (No Chance Of Being Good)

Fast And The Furious 4 Pics (4 Times The Madness)

Smallville Scribes New Project Happy Little Family (Super??)

Eagle Eye Trailer (Shia Continues Appearing In Everything)

SAG Strike Could Ruin Comic-Con (Maybe Superheroes Can Sort It Out)

Great George Carlin Tribute Cartoon (Legend)

Jolie "curious" about Sin City 2

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she is "curious" about the status of a Sin City sequel.

The actress was previously in talks to star in Sin City 2 as Ava Lord but the film has yet to materialise.

In an interivew with MTV:
"I found the first Sin City impressive, but I don't know what they're going to
do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one."
Jolie also spoke of her admiration for Sin City co-director Frank Miller.
"I think he’s a genius," she said. "I'd be curious [if offered]."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Avengers Assemble

Jon Favreau today revealed the supposed line up today in usatoday.
But the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that.
Still no word on whats happening with Jon Favreau and Marvel but this seems to be a good sign. However it does not look too good for the Ant-Man film to be directed by Edgar Wright as he is off to make Scott Pilgrim this Autumn so unless he comes directly off that do to Ant-Man, The Avengers movie will be shot first leaving little need too do Ant-Man which would be a shame. Plus there is no confirmed actors for Avengers so its unsure weather Robert Downey Jr, or Edward Norton will return for Avengers due to in house arguments with Marvel Studios.

Want More Dark Knight Here You Go

More Dark Knight clips than you can shake a stick at check it out here, here and here.

The Disaster Movie Trailer Is Up And Its Shit

Yes its up and yes its bad you can view it here or you can watch this cracking scene from Robocop when he busts a drug den. Plus if you do dare to watch the trailer you can imagine yourself as Robocop going to the production office of Disaster Movie and killing them all.

Quentin Tarantino Talks Inglorious Bastards

The BBC got to chat with Quentin Tarantino about completing the script for his World War II epic Inglorious Bastards and a possible release date for Cannnes next year. Tarantino had this to say on the style of the film.
What actually got me to sit down and put pen to paper was 'hey wouldn't it be fun to do a Dirty Dozen kind of thing?' It doesn't look anything like The Dirty Dozen. I don't want it to feel like a period film. I want it to feel current. I want it to feel right now. One of the things I have to battle against is 30 years of Nazi-occupation TV movies where we've all seen the big streets and the vintage cars and the Swastikas, and we've just seen that ad nauseum. This is a modern, in-your-face movie. This is not a TV movie period piece.

Rob Zombies Latest

This is the first poster for writer-director Rob Zombie latest Tyrannosaurus Rex, not much else on the film apart from that but it seems working on the grindhouse trailer has left an impression on him.

Posters Galore attended the Cinema EXPO in Amsterdam on Monday and took photos of posters and displays for upcoming movies most notably G.I. Joe (Now with rise of Cobra), Dagonball, Watchmen and I believe the fist image of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Check out the site for a whole host more its in Dutch but its pretty easy to find your way around.

New X-Files Pics, For FBI Only

X-Files News has posyed up a few new images from The X-Files: I Want To Believe, notting giving away anything of the plot of the film but I have a feeling Billy Connelly will make us believe.

To get more of your X-Files fix check out with set reports and a interview with composer Mark Snow.

More Dark Knight Goodness

I am serioulsy thinking of putting myself in a coma until this comes out.

Also check out the new episode of Gotham Tonight dealing with the life of Bruce Wayne and also rumblings of a bat-copter nice.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Dark Knight Pics

Filmofilia has a host of new Dark Knight pics so check them out and to so you don't feel too bad about Batman getting a kicking.

He does kids partys on the weekend

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone In A Bollywood Film?

The Times Online reports Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone will both co-star in the highest profile Bollywood film to date, Incredible Love, the story of an Indian stuntman who can’t find true romance in the States.


Anybody who was alive in the 80's wanted these two to meet in a film but not like this, we wanted Schwarzenegger a futuristic cyborg sent back to kill Stallone from becoming the future president of the world but at this point in time was a boxer until they both meet up to stop an alien invasion from wiping out the world, there was gonna be big flipin guns, montage sequences galore, lots of blood, body oil, ripping pecks and plenty of one liners not a flipin love story. Reality is a cruel mistress

The Green Hornet Gets A Logo

Columbia Pictures has released the launch site for The Green Hornet to be released on June 25, 2010 with Seth Rogen scripting with long time writing partner Evan Goldberg, Rogen is also in the starring role. Apart from whats in the teaser image there is still no word on any other cast members or whose to direct, but Flicks News hopes that Stephen Chow will be added as Kato and director.

Comedy Legend George Carlin R.I.P

George Carlin: 1937 - 2008

One of the true great comedians George Carlin has died of heart failure at a Los Angeles-area hospital Sunday, a spokesman said. He was 71. A true voice for everything thats wrong with the world has been slienced but will not be forgotten.

Known for his edgy, provocative material developed over 50 years, the bald, bearded Carlin achieved status as an anti-Establishment icon in the 1970s with stand-up bits full of drug references and a routine called "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television." A regulatory battle over a radio broadcast of the routine ultimately reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Grammy-winning Carlin remained an active presence on the comedy circuit. Carlin was scheduled to receive the John F. Kennedy Center's prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in November.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doctor Who Meets His Greatest Enemy


Not really film news but this puts most films to shame, Doctor Who series 4 finale part one on BBC1 Saturday 7:10.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trailer Round Up: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Good, The Bad And The Weird, Taken, Donky Punch, Mum And Dad

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor trailer has gone live. (Fraser's Back)

The Official The Good, The Bad And The Weird is up. (Its looks worth your fistful of dollars)

Ign is hosting the Taken trailer. (Liam Neeson shows Jack Bauer a thing or two)

Brithish horror Donkey Punch website is live with trailers clips and pics but be warned its not for the kiddies. (A Lads Mag Horror?)

And Finally another British Horror Mum and Dad. (UK Hostel?)

New Dark Knight Tv Spot

25 July 2008 cannot come soon enough and if anyone from Warner's or TDK advertising campaign is reading this wheres Flick News Dark Knight goodies?

The Joker has a new game for you to play here

Gotham Tonight looks at the tragic, mysterious, and flamboyant life of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Born into enormous wealth, Bruce's life changed forever when he witnessed the shooting deaths of his parents in downtown Gotham. GCN's premier news program looks at Bruce's life then, and now. Gotham Tonight gets exclusive comment from District Attorney Harvey Dent, who's rumored to be dating Bruce's old friend Rachel Dawes. And GT also examines the ascent of Bruce Wayne to CEO of Wayne Enterprises - what is the economic giant planning now? Tune in now on Comcast Channel One. GCN will webcast the episode this Monday at noon on

Christian Bale To Play Robin ....?

Robin Hood that is, the mail online is reporting a rumor that Christian Bale is the top choice to play the Prince of Thieves in Ridley Scott's Nottingham. Already cast is Russell Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sienna Miller as Maid Marian, it is also rumored that Vanessa Redgrave, William Hurt and Saoirse Ronan are all in talks to join the production.

Christian Bale, soon to be seen as the caped crusader in The Dark Knight, is in talks about donning the jolly Lincoln Green outfit of Robin Hood, where he will be part of a menage a trois between Russell Crowe's Sheriff of Nottingham and Sienna Miller's Maid Marian.Nothing is signed for Bale, but director Ridley Scott is exceedingly keen to cast him. Costume fittings begin next week, so he'll be either in or out by then. Vanessa Redgrave and William Hurt are also in discussions about being in the film, which is called Nottingham.Saoirse Ronan (who appeared with Vanessa in Joe Wright's award-winning film Atonement) will also be in the picture.

Spider-Man 4 Swinging In For May 2011

The LA Times is reporting that Spider-Man producer Laura Ziskin wants Spider-Man 4 for May 2011 release date. Still no word if Sam Rami or Tobey Maguire will return but Sam Rami has expressed an interest to return to the series so I am sure if he is directing the cast will return.

Also Sony has paid Marvel to renew its rights so I doubt Spider-Man will feature in the Avengers or cameo in any other Marvel Studio film.

New Spirit Posters Released And They Talk

Not only content with releasing two new posters for The Spirit which feature Jaime King and Sarah Paulson you can now hear them speak the lines from the posters. Like those birthday cards that talk now you can live out your S&M fantasies with Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King and Sarah Paulson giving you orders I just wonder what the safe word is?

Also Frank Miller talks CGI in the film on his blog.

Neil Gaiman's Coraline Trailer Also Set To Become A Videogame

A new deal between D3 Publisher and Universal pictures will create a videogame out of the upcoming Coraline stop-motion animation film (Check Trailer Above), based on the property by Neil Gaiman.

D3Publisher announced that they had reached an agreement with Universal Pictures to license Coraline for both console and handheld platforms on Monday, with the game scheduled to be released around the same time as the movie hits theaters. The movie is currently slated to be released February 6, 2009.

D3Publisher is a small Japanese game company that focuses on budget games that often have a character tie-in. They have developed over 100 games.

Coraline Sneak Preview

Routh Says 'The Man of Steel' is Being Written To Begin Production Early Next Year interviewed Superman Returns star Brandon Routh to talk about his upcoming film Fear Itself. On the last page of the article, Routh's Superhero job came up, and he divulged some bits about where Bryan Singer's Man of Steel is at these days:

HW: Is Justice League going to come out before the next Superman?
BR: Oh, I think it seems as though that's not happening, it's on the back burner right now so it's just Man of Steel now.

HW: When are you doing the next Superman? It's taking a long time.
BR: I know, they're busy writing a script and then I trust we'll be starting next year, early next year. That's my timeline anyway.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Paddy Considine + Shane Meadows = Greatness

Writer-director Shane Meadows is once again teaming up with his long time collaborator and actor Paddy Considine to develop "King of the Gypsies" for Meadows to direct and Considine to star in. The movie tells the true-life story of Bartley Gorman III, last of the bare-knuckle world champion fighters.

Details can be viewed here but for anyone who has seen Dead Man Shoes and A Room For Romeo Brass this is destined to be another classic and for those who have not seen them get thee to a DVD shop.

Mirrors One Sheet

Scary, check out the trailer here.

Pixar's Presto Preview

Short to be shown before Wall*E. Also ign has posted a new trailer for Wall-E

Burn After Reading: International Teaser Trailer

Flippin' Brilliant This Is Looking

Film Tidbits: Sienna Miller, Wackness, Amelia, Bruno, JJ Abrams, Brian Cox

Sienna Miller is Maid Marian (Not A Bad Choice)

Wackness Trailer (High Times)

Images From Amelia (Possibly Another Oscar Winning Role?)

INGLORIOUS BASTARDS to be 2 separate films! (Promising!)

'Bruno' given May 2009 release date (Can't Wait!)

JJ Abrams is to make a new mystery movie based on a New York Times article (The Apartment 2 this aint!)

Interview with Brian "Absolute Legend" Cox (Acting God)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Silver Surfer Spin Off Lost In Space had a chat with screenwriter J Michael Straczynski on his future film projects and gave a little info about the condition of the Sliver Surfer spin-off and its not looking good. Due to the failure of the Fantastic Four 2, Straczynski does not think the film will be made and had this to say.
Whether or not it ever gets made I don't know because they were kind of disappointed in how Fantastic Four 2 did. And given how this will be a subset of FF2 in terms of the marketing strategy, I think there is hesitation there about putting it forward. The script is pretty good, I like it, but whether or not it goes into production, I have no idea.

J Michael Straczynski also talks about bringing World War Z to the screen.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Burn After Reading One Sheet

Check List:
Great ensemble cast, check
A film by a director/s who are back on top of there A game, check
An Eye catching Saul Bass inpsired one sheet,check

Check out the trailer here for what is shaping up to be another Coen brothers classic. Burn After Reading is a comedy about two gym employees (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand) who find a suitcase containing the memoirs of an ex-CIA agent (John Malkovich). Their attempts to blackmail him go somewhat awry. George Clooney, Tilda Swinton and JK Simmons also star.

Benjamin Buttion Teaser In Hi Def Glory

The Benjamin Buttion teaser recently posted here has now got the hi def treatment and can be viewed over at apple.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cracking New Pic's Gromit

Stills of the new Wallace & Gromit short A Matter of Loaf and Death have shown up at the film production blog site. The short tells the tale of Wallace and Gromit as they embark on a new business venture in the form of a bakery and of course Wallace has a new love interest, Piella Bakewell could she be the big cheese? The short will be shown on BBC One this Christmas.

Wallace and Gromit have a brand new business. The conversion of 62 West Wallaby Street is complete and impressive, the whole house is now a granary with ovens and robotic kneading arms. Huge mixing bowls are all over the place and everything is covered with a layer of flour. On the roof is a ‘Wallace patent-pending’ old-fashioned windmill. The transformation is perfect.Although business is booming, Gromit is concerned by the news that 12 local bakers have ‘disappeared’ this year – but Wallace isn’t worried. He’s too distracted and ‘dough-eyed’ in love with local beauty and bread enthusiast, Piella Bakewell, to be of much help.

Sam Rami To Direct Dennis Lehane’s Latest Novel

Sam Rami is been a very busy bee with alot on his plate, putting the finishing touches to his return to horror flick Drag Me To Hell, pondering whither to go back to make Spider-Man 4 (Flicks News hopes so despite 3 been a bit naff) , signing on to direct a new series of Jack Ryan movies for Paramount and working on the TV syndicated series of Terry Goodkind, Wizard’s First Rule.

Take a Breath.

Variety reports that Columbia and Sam Raimi are reuniting on "The Given Day," an adaptation of an upcoming novel by Dennis Lehane, who has had a very impressive novel to film translation from the likes of Clint Eastwood (Mystic River) to Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone) and Martin Scorsese, whose Shutter Island should be out later in the year. Sam Rami is looking to direct the as of yet unreleased novel and had this to say.

The Given Day" is set in 1919 Boston, with the city in turmoil as soldiers are returning home from WWI, having brought back an epidemic of Spanish influenza. Attempts to unionize the police department have set the stage for a historic strike and two cops take center stage."While it deals with many of the same themes as (Lehane's) earlier work, it is also his most ambitious book, tying events of a century ago to the subjects we struggle with today,"

Flicks News hope that Sam can cram Evil Dead 4 in aswell.

Ong Bak 2 Promo

The Ong Bak 2 promo has hit the web and as you expect it looks like a pretty spiffy martial arts film. It sees Tony Jaa in the director's chair as well as star in this prequel set in ancient Thailand. Its got a whole load of elephants, some pretty impressive fight scenes and a very impressive fight scene on a herd of elephants whats not too love.

Astro Boy Cast Revealed

Superherohype have revealed the cast for the CGI film adaptation of Astro Boy. Freddie Highmore was already announced as Astro Boy, he is now joined by a superb cast that consist of Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy, no mention of who they are to play as of yet. The film will be directed by David Bowers with a release date for 2009.

Set in futuristic Metro City, Osamu Tezuka Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist to replace the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving father's expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the man who had rejected him.

Two Face Revealed (Well Sorta!)

Go to and check out the letters "HA" in "GOTHAM". Click 'em! Will bring you to watch the clip!