Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ghostbusters 3 Now Might Be Happening!

According to a Dread Central source all four Ghostbusters Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson have agreed to return to the franchise which will see the Ghostbusters team handing over their gear to a new, younger squad!
Now here’s the really interesting part; though not much is known about the plot, apparently the ‘Busters will be handing over their proton packs to Seth Rogen and the crew from 40 Year Old Virgin!

Rock 'N' Roll High School To Be Remade!

Another day, another remake! Howard Stern wants to produce an updated version of Rock 'N' Roll High School. Alex Winter (AKA Bill S. Preston, Esq.) has been hired to script it.

Bill I mean Alex had this to say:

"I've now done so much stuff in musicvideos, and the Napster movie, that the chance to bridge music and comedy was something that intrigued me," Winter said. "This movie seemed so ripe for a remake."

No band on this planet is worty enough to replace the Ramones unless Wyld Stallyns reform (NOT!)

Original Rock 'N' Roll Highschool Trailer!

Flicks News Images: Righteous Kill, Watchmen, Terminator Salvation

Spider-man's Enemy Venom To Get Spin-off Film

In what quite possibly is one of the worse ideas for a spin-off movie Sony is looking to move forward on a film revolving around Spider-Man 3 villain Venom, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio is hoping that the spinoff will keep its Spider-Man franchise fresh in the same way the upcoming Wolverine solo movie is continuing the X-Men series.

Jacob Estes (Mean Creek) had previously written a script for Venom but Sony is looking to hire new screenwriters.

There are also question marks over the casting of the lead role. Sony has doubts that Topher Grace, who portrayed the character in Spider-Man 3, can lead a big budget blockbuster.

In the Spider-Man comics, Venom is an alien symbiote that attaches itself to shamed reporter Eddie Brock giving him superhuman powers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wolfman Comic Con Footage

The Wolfman trailer in all its shaky cam goodness, this prob will not be up for long so keep an eye out here on the film's website for the latest news.

Robocop Is Not A Sequel

The producers of the new Robcop remake Mike Medavoy and Brad Fischer, have told MTV that the film is not gonna be a sequel but a remake much in the style of Batman Begins:
None of [the earlier films are] going to be canonical, as a matter of fact, Fischer revealed. I wouldn't say it's a direct sequel.

Definitely not a sequel," Medavoy added, saying he preferred the term "reimagining.
While its not too bad all thing's considering I still would have loved to see a prober sequel to the first Robocop.

Disney's Return To Traditional Animation Gets It's First Preview

The Princess And The Frog teaser has just gone live

This is Disneys long overdue return to traditional animated movies, long may it remain!

Jack White and Alicia Keys Doing The Bond Theme

The White Stripes Jack White and Alicia Keys are set to go down in history as the first duet to record the James Bond theme.

The pair will reportedly record the theme to 'Quantum Of Solace' entitled 'Another Way To Die'. White wrote and produced the song, and will also play drums. What a unexpected crazy combination!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

HD Versions here!

Marvin the Martian Is Getting His Own Film

Not content with soiling the great legacy and work of Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc with such monstrosity's like Looney Tunes Unleashsed, Space Jam, Looney Tunes Babies, Looney Tunes Back In Action (The list goes on). Warner Brother's will further insult the Looney Tunes by making the Marvin the Martian movie which in a perfect world would be something to look forward too, the quiet and soft-spoken martian leading a attack on earth. But no that's not what Warner's want:
Project will blend live action and CGI.

Marvin" will be aimed at the family demo along the same lines as Alcon’s "Racing Stripes" and "My Dog Skip".
Expect this to be another Chipmunks, Wonder Dog throw away piece of shit, Mel and Chuck must be rolling in there graves I just hope Jason Lee stays away from this one.

Tony Jaa Is Found

Its been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Onk Bak 2 with reports of its director and star Tony Jaa going AWOL from the set, practising black magic and going bankrupt trying to make the film. Well the action star has appeared on Thai Television to dispel the bad rumour's circulating him. A tearful Jaa explained that he is ready to go back and finish directing the film in which his former friend and director of the first Ong Bak Prachya Pinkaew is set to take over directing duties. Will there be any more twist in the tale stayed tuned to find out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inglorious Bastards Goes Universal

Universal Studio will partner with The Weinstein Co. on bringing Inglorious Bastards to the big screen variety confirms.

More Tyrannosaurus Rex Art

More art work from Rob Zombies latest, again no more clues other than Tyrannosaurus Rex is one serious badass.

Drag Me To Hell Clip

This probably won't be on long so check it out while its up.

UPDATE: Just like the Jokers magic pencil the clip is gone, ah well you can check out this instead which we all hope Drag Me To Hell will be every bit as good as enjoy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Evil Dead 4 Looks Like It Is Finally Happening

At last a sequel has been announced you can be excited to hear about. Sam Raimi at comic-con announced he is starting work this weekend on getting the Evil Dead 4 going. An Evil Dead sequel has long been hoped for but both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi have long dangled a carrot about possibly making it but then usually dashing hopes by either one or the other completly ruling it out. This is a definite confirmation from Raimi that its being planned, which to best of my research has never been done before!
At Comic Con today Raimi announced that Evil Dead 4 is "in the wheelhouse. He even went so far as to say that he and his brother Ivan would be getting together this weekend to work on it
Expect more news forthcoming if Sam sticks to his word!

Hail To The King Baby!

Johnny Depp Is A Mad Hatter!

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are back to working together in a new film, "Alice in Wonderland," wherein the actor is set to play the quirky Mad Hatter.

Burton will direct the Disney live-action fantasy film adaptation of the children's classic in 3-D. Depp is reportedly taking part in the film as the tea-loving character.

Australian actress Mia Wasikowska is set to play the title role. Production starts next year and will be released in the summer of 2010.

This is the seventh time Burton and Depp have teamed up together.

In Other Depp News:

Johnny Depp and Terry Gilliam are to reunite again to try make "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" again!
One source close to the revived project, who asked not to be named, said: "They are having another crack at it after putting a deal together. Johnny is a bigger star now than he was then, thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean, and there is every confidence they can pull it off

Is Superman Done For?

USA Today has published an article from Comic-Con International asking the question, "Are Superheroes done for?". Included in the article are the following comments by Zack Snyder, director of the "Watchmen" movie.

Of course, as this summer and this comic-book convention have unfolded, it has become clear that no one is Superman anymore. Perhaps, says Watchmen director Zack Snyder, Superman is gone for good. "They asked me to direct a Superman movie, and I said no," Snyder says. "He's a tricky one nowadays, isn't he? He's the king daddy of all comic-book heroes, but I'm just not sure how you sell that kind of earnestness to a sophisticated audience anymore."

So studios are selling everything else, including bitter themes and obscure heroes.
One Word In Answer To There Question: NO!!

Ridley Scott's Nottingham Indefinitely Postponed

Ridley Scott's revisionist take on the Robin Hood tale has hit delays.

Scott was aiming for a mid-August start date, however production on the film, which is to star Russell Crowe as a sympathetic Sheriff of Nottingham, has been indefinitely postponed.

Script concerns, location logistics and the current labour unrest all played a role in the decision. In explaining the production shutdown, a spokesman cited the "cloud of the SAG strike" as one of three factors that led to the postponement.

They also said "the film's forest locations need to be green," which suggests even if other factors were to be resolved later this year; the production could not now resume until next spring.

The third key factor was the project's script by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, with a rewrite by Brian Helgeland. "The current version of the screenplay," the studio said, "is not yet where the studio and the filmmakers want it to be in terms of realising the full value of the story.

Sienna Millar was recently cast as Maid Marion with Sam Riley as Robin.

'Nottingham' had been on track to be released Nov. 6, 2009.

Leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

You gotta wonder what they put in the water at comic-con as this trailer got alot of very excited over the top reaction when shown at comic-con. How can anyone have the audacity to cheer so loud when Brian Cox has been replaced as Stryker by Danny Huston?

Anyways belows a very shaky, crowd drowning Cox-less trailer:

The clip above will most likely be pulled down soon by studio big wigs so if it is or you just prefer a bit of Cox, look at this instead:

The Real Stryker Potrayed By Brian Cox: Acting God & Legend!!

W. Trailer

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Terminator Salvation Against All Odds Could Be Good

My first reaction when I heard about this being made was why? and when McG came on board to direct I gave up all hope then Christian Bale came on board to play John Conner which got me interested in it again slightly but since that announcement my interest subsided again and wondering why Bale would associate himself with this especially when a well publicised strange Internet rumor which was all over the place came out. My interest then raised up again when a rather good cast was announced followed by a rather impressive teaser. Now news coming from SDCC at the Terminator Salvation panel has the film sounding pretty spiffy and a certain writer on board has me very very interested in this film.

You can get a full rundown here on what happened, some of the highlights are that Jonathan Nolan who co wrote The Dark Knight is the lead writer of the film, they are not making the it for a PG-13 rating, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzegger were consultants on the movie and they are using designs that the late great Stan Winston worked on plus it will also be dedicated to him. Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men is a big influence on the style of the movie and its not gonna be CGI heavy. A full trailer will be released in front of Quantum of Solace on November 7 from everything I've heard this is looking to be an unexpected treat.


Ong Bak 2 Is In Trouble

Twitch is reporting that Ong Bak 2 is in major trouble, its a bit of a mixed bag on whats actually going on here's what the article had to say:

Some reports say that Jaa has retreated to some remote caves in northern Thailand to meditate and / or practice black magic and claim that his mentor Panna Rittikrai was sent to find Jaa and bring him back some time ago with no success. These reports also seem to be of the opinion that Jaa has gone about three times over budget and that the production funds have dried up. Other reports say that Jaa hasn’t actually disappeared - that he’s actually been seen with his family and that colleagues have been in touch with zero signs of black magic. Another report from Thailand’s biggest daily paper says that they had a reporter meet with Jaa at a ‘safe house’ - and why on earth does he need to use a safe house? - where he denied running over budget, claiming instead that Sahamongkol Films only ever provided him with half of the budgeted production funds, leaving him to make up the shortfall out of his own pocket and claiming that he is now personally bankrupt as a result - unable to pay his mortgage and with his electricity disconnected.

Not too sure what to make of it but it seems the challenge of starring and directing has been to much for Jaa to handle. Sahamongkol who are funding the film have called in original Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew to finish shooting the remaining 20% of the film.

Pixar's Up Teaser

Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 Time Crying Monkey Award Winner Kirk Lazarus

Kirk Lazarus is the world's most acclaimed actor known for his uncompromising devotion to a role. Often, he will remain completely in character for the duration of the shooting schedule of his films. He can be seen next in Tropic Thunder for which he changed his skin colour to suit the role.

Alexandre Aja On Piranha 3D

Comic Con Watchmen Posters

As well as these posters that were given out at the SDCC event has audio interviews with the director and cast of the film you can check out here.

What The Flip Happened To The Spirit

The more I hear about The Spirit the worse it seems to be getting, at the SDCC, Frank Miller and cast were talking bout the film at the The Spirit Panel and this is the plot:

Miller talked a bit about the basic plot of the film; Police officer Denny Colt is nearly killed by a bullet wound but awakens to find himself in "a new reality," able to do things he couldn't before. In addition to incredible endurance, Colt's pheromones have been altered, causing mutual attraction between himself and any woman he meets.

The Octopus' henchman are all clones and -- as a result -- have limited intelligence.

Ah for flip sake what the flip is Frank Miller on and what Spirit did he read cause as far as I know The Spirit never had powers at all, only thing he has is that he is officially dead so he can work outside the law. I have no clue what Frank Miller thinks hes doing but its a insult to call the film The Spirit or have Will Eisner's name on it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip

Also you can get it in hi-def from here.

Zack Snyder Wants To Make The Dark Knight Returns

During the Watchmen panel at the SDCC, Zack Snyder expressed his interest in bringing Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to the screen saying:
There are a lot of other graphic novels out there, but I would love to see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight made into a movie, but that’s just me.
Later at the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries panel, Frank Miller told Snyder:
You can do it anytime you want to Zack
Well while I do think The Dark Knight Returns is a very important Batman story and a very cool read, I do not think Frank or Zack heard of a little film out at moment doing modestly well called THE DARK KNIGHT which in my opinion is the finest Batman story ever! So unless they do an animated Dark Knight Returns it ain't gonna happen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sam Rami On Spider-Man 4

Astro Boy One Sheet

Steven Moffat Chats About Doctor Who

Steven Moffat while at the SDCC had a chat with about all things Dr Who and how he feels taking over the show from show-runner Russell T. Davies. You're moving in as the new showrunner. I'm guessing that's a mixture of daunting and a dream come true.

Steven Moffat: Well, I suppose it's daunting, but I've run television show before so that's alright. I always say I'm daunted but I'm not really. I'm just terribly excited. It's just such a fantastic job to have. It's a very exciting job so what's the point in wasting time stressing about it? Of course it'll be stressful! Whatever I do next will be stressful. "Doctor Who" will probably be more stressful than anything else but it'll be more fun. And it's probably the biggest job in, certainly, British television. I think it is. It really is. So why waste time being frightened of it?

CS: You grew up with the show; If you take out the two Doctors that you've worked with, which one was your favorite?

Moffat: Oh, it was always my favorite show. All my life, it was my favorite show. You know, I just talked to someone who showed me an old article I wrote 13 years ago where I was snagging them off. Oh God, I'm so embarrassed. You know what? I think there were some pretty extraordinary actors in that role. There are moments where the series goes up and down. I think the ones I watched the most carefully were probably Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. I really, hugely enjoyed that run. But I still watched before and after and loved it. But they're brilliant. All of them, in a way, are better than I even give them credit for. I was watching -- I wasn't as much into at the time, the Sylvester McCoy stuff when it was on -- but I was watching it, showing one to my kids and they loved it. And I started loving it because they were loving it. I saw it better. You watch "Doctor Who" with an eight year old and you finally understand it. Oh, he's actually quite funny! And he's got a funny umbrella! This works. Yeah, let's go. So I wished I hadn't said stupid things about him because I thought he was a good Doctor. So there you go. Never express an opinion ever.

CS: You're moving into the next season but taking a sort of break over the next year. What can fans expect from the upcoming episodes?

Moffat Well, you'll have to wait and find out. I'm sorry if I'm going to be reticent on that. The fact is, though it's not a state secret, it's going to be two years before my series of "Doctor Who" comes on the air and I don't want people to be bored thinking about it before they get there. But it'll be great "Doctor Who."

CS: Well, I still have to ask about two specific rumors. The first, will there be a Tom Baker cameo?

Moffat: No comment.

CS: And Neil Gaiman's rumored to write an episode. Any truth to that?

Moffat: No comment. (laughs) I mean, literally, I don't talk about it. You can't even read something into "no comment". It's really "no comment".

CS: There's so much that has been brought to the show from the old series. Do you have, in your mind, a sense of trying to balance the new ideas with the old throwbacks?

Moffat: I'm going to be honest and fans may hate me for it but they have to remember that I am a fan myself. A proper list-making-borderline-autistic fan. I am head mingmong. I'm King Ming. But I don't do anything for the fans. I honestly don't think that the fans want me to do anything for them. Except maybe for the odd little line now and then. Some little thing somewhere. Russell does that. I do that. We all do that. And only you will get it. But we don't do anything for the fans. There aren't enough fans. There's the whole audience. There are fans but there's millions of a audience.

CS: But do you find yourself re-watching the old episodes and thinking, "Maybe we could use that?"

Moffat: Oh sure, yeah! I think that when the show first came back, it was a question of raiding the old shows for the emblems or the icons. This really is Doctor Who! There's a Dalek! There's a TARDIS! There's a sonic screwdriver! There's the cybermen! But people no longer think of it as "New Doctor Who." They just think of it as "Doctor Who." Now it's one big thing. Now we're raiding the back catalogue not to validate ourselves but for really great ideas. There are some cracking ideas in "Doctor Who" through the course of the series. Brilliant monsters! Brilliant ideas! Sometimes thinking "it's time we took that idea or that monster or that trick and gave it all the modern tech that we have now." Give it another time around the block. That's good. That's right and proper but - at the same time -- fundamentally, the absolute paradigm of "Doctor Who" stories is -- right from the TARDIS -- is that everything you see is brand new. I always think there should be more new stuff than old stuff in "Doctor Who". You sit down to plan the series and think "I'm bringing back something new every single story." What's the use? You might as well call this "Doctor Who 2." It'd be a sequel and "Doctor Who" shouldn't be a sequel. Every year there are new eight-year olds watching it and those new eight year olds saw it at the most important age because they're going to live a lot longer than the rest of you. I want them to have their monsters so that in 40 years time they can grump to their children, "Oh, it's not as good as it used to be. I remember the episode. The very first time we saw the Weeping Angels. I remember the first time we saw that episode." You're not getting lost in nostalgia. You're creating nostalgia.

CS: Now you chose "Doctor Who" over working with Steven Spielberg on "Tintin." Do you have an idea in the back of your head of working on "Doctor Who" for a certain time and then moving on?

Moffat: Well, when I was offered the job, I was a long time in accepting it. It was a long time for me to realize that I was going to do it. You think you've got all your life for it and then you wonder, "Is that really the right thing to do?" But of course I was going to take it. A friend of mine said you can never think of any job you take as the destination. You've gotta think of it as the next step. I'm not going to die when I finish the show. I'm going to have a life afterwards. At some point, "Doctor Who" will be going back to being -- and at that point, I'll be very happy on that day -- a show that I just watch. I know that Russell is sorely looking forward to that. He refuses to give anything of the series. He walks out the door and he's done. He's such a "Who" fan. The only fan for whom the show has not yet come back. He's never sat there and just watched it and he's looking forward to that. One day, I'll have that, too and I'll look forward to it. I have blocked anything specific out. I have a few ideas in my head. Or I'll get sacked. The world might end. Who knows?

CS: So we're getting four specials before the next full season?

Moffat: The actual figure of it is five. You're gonna get five specials. People are forgetting that one has already been made. That's what the confusion is. There are five specials. It's hardly a gap then, is it? Five specials? That's longer than "Doctor Who" series were back in Sylvester McCoy's time. I'm not involved in the specials, though. Except I'm there, looking at script and making sure they're not clashing.

CS: Have you been impressed by how popular the show is now here in

Moffat: I'm not really aware of the what the status is over here. It's not the show it is here in England. It's nothing like that so it's hard to be impressed. You can't walk down the streets in Britain at the moment without finding some piece of "Doctor Who." A toy in shop window or a poster. In Britain it's just ridiculous. If I was in England, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven.

CS: How involved are you with the extra-continuity merchandise like novels and comic books?

Moffat: Oh, I'll be overseeing everything like that. Because you've got to make sure that the world ties together. You can never make the spinoff material necessary to the understanding of the show, but I want the kids to know that if they buy a "Doctor Who" book or a "Doctor Who" comic, they're getting a proper
story. I used to hate the "Doctor Who" annuals when I was a kid because I thought they got everything wrong. So we understand that there are brilliant people who work on those things. We all want everything you can get with "Doctor Who" on it to be good. You've got great books, great toys and great everything. And all proper "Doctor Who".

CS: There's a lot of spinoffs going on now and always the potential for me. How does that affect you?

Moffat: Well, I'm only working on "Doctor Who." "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and "Torchwood" are brilliant shows.

CS: But there are obviously big crossovers like at the end of last season.

Moffat: "Doctor Who" will always be the big show among those three. If we want to bring Sarah Jane into "Doctor Who," we just do. If we want to bring Captain Jack in, we just do. "Doctor Who" is the one that funds the others. It's the mothership.

CS: How does it work the other way?

Moffat: I'm not really sure. We'd have to go on a case by case.

CS: When you're creating episodes, do you think, "Well, this could be a new series."

Moffat: I haven't myself bumped into that feeling of "well, this could be another show like this." Partly because we've got three shows like this already. We've got to think, "Do we want a fourth?" "Do we need a fourth?" It's always possible. You think "Well, that worked really well." We could spin that off. I haven't got that yet. To be honest, my job and my duty is to "Doctor Who."

CS: Would you ever want to turn "Doctor Who" into a feature film?

Moffat: Really, honestly and truly, I haven't given it a second's thought. And I'm unlikely to. I've got fourteen episodes of "Doctor Who" to do!

CS: Do you know at this point how many of those you're going to be writing?

Moffat: I've got notions of how many I'm going to write. But I don't think Russell ever managed to predict how many episodes he wrote. I think it always ended up being more or less or something. That'll be the same for me. I've got notions. But I'm not going to say what they are! Because, truly, my notions would be rubbish. The first casualty of conflict is the plan.

The Brothers Bloom Trailer

Punisher Comic Con Footage

Jeff Bridges In Tron 2, Hell Yeah!

It's Film News Crazy Tonight

Jeff Bridges is back for Tron 2 (yes he really is) and footage has been shown.

There was a big surprise revealed today at the end of Walt Disney Pictures' movie presentation at San Diego Comic-Con: the debut of the trailer for Tron 2!

The trailer begins with a cityscape shot that leads into a multiplane, cyber-reality gaming level. A bearded man in a blue and black battlesuit runs into frame, hiding momentarily from his foe: a black-and-green clad biker whose face is obscured behind a biker helmet. The bearded man and his opponent become engaged in a Light Cycle chase through the various stages of the course.

Just when the bearded man thinks he has evaded his foe, the black-and-green cyclist bolts out in front of him. The bearded man screams as he crashes through his foe's Light Cycle trail, smashing into a virtual wall of colored light. His Cycle destroyed, the bearded man lies broken and beaten as his opponent approaches him.

The trailer then cuts to the real world where we see an older Kevin Flynn -- yes, once again played by Jeff Bridges! -- rising to his feet inside of a virtual reality computer room and holding a device in his hand. Bearded and with his longish silvery hair slicked back, Flynn is far more menacing and cold than he ever seemed in the 1982 original.

Cut back to inside the game world where the victorious Light Cyclist's helmet visor flickers open to reveal Flynn's face. His defeated opponent whimpers, "But it's only a game," to which Flynn cryptically replies, "Not anymore." The trailer then cuts to the sequel's logo: TR2N.

The crowd was told that no more footage from the film would be seen publicly until next year, closer to the film's release.

Darren Aronofsky and David Self Confirmed for Robocop

Robocop is back and in safe hands too!
Darren Aronofsky has signed on to direct and David Self is penning a new installment about the hero whose tagline is "part man, part machine and all cop."

"Robocop," which is being fast-tracked for a 2010 release, becomes the first potential tentpole to come together since Mary Parent took the reins of MGM in March. Aronofsky's involvement has been one of the worst kept secrets, with rumors rampant in the blogosphere that "The Fountain" helmer was eyeing the project.

MGM is keeping the logline under wraps, but insiders say it will take the sci-fi vigilante classic in more of a noir direction.

Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoy, who produced the original film for Orion 21 years ago, is producing the new "Robocop" alongside Arnold Messer, Brad Fischer and David Thwaites.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM) has signed Darren Aronofsky to direct and David Self to write a new installment for its "RoboCop" franchise. Aronofsky, the director of The Fountain, and Self, the writer of Road to Perdition, make a formidable creative team, fast tracking the RoboCop motion picture and spotlighting it as one of the most anticipated new films for 2010.

The announcement was made today by Mary Parent, Chairman, Worldwide Motion Picture Group, MGM.

In making the announcement Parent said: "Darren is undeniably one of the most talented, original and visceral film makers, and David is one of the greatest writers in Hollywood. All of us at MGM couldn't be more excited."

Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer, Brad Fischer and David Thwaites will produce "RoboCop." Cale Boyter, Executive Vice President Production at MGM will oversee the project for the studio.

Phoenix Pictures' Chairman and CEO Mike Medavoy said: "After making the first 'RoboCop' at Orion more than 20 years ago, I'm thrilled to be helping to return this character to the screen with our partners at MGM and through the eyes of Darren Aronofsky and David Self."

Phoenix co-presidents Brad Fischer and David Thwaites added: "With a filmmaker of Darren Aronofsky's vision and imagination and a writer of David Self's caliber, we are poised to bring to the screen an entertaining and provocative film, which will now be under the creative guidance of two of the best storytellers working in our industry today."

The original RoboCop, which premiered in 1987, was "part man, part machine and all cop." The film's storyline focused on the future of law enforcement as a terminally wounded cop returns to the police force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories. The original film was nominated for two Academy Awards -- Best Film Editing and Best Sound.

Rodriguez Presenting Red Sonja

Robert Rodriguez attended comicon to talk Red Sonja which he is producing and unoffically co-directing, he will also be involved with the Conan remake as a producer! No word on long awaited Madman film or the equally highly anticipated Sin City Sequel.

Robert Rodriguez greeted fans at the San Diego Comic-Con and offered a first look at the upcoming Red Sonja feature, set to star Rose McGowan as the red-haired Robert E. Howard heroine. Though no footage has been shot, a lot of promotional imageshave already been prepared and were revealed for the first time, depicting McGowan in the classic chainmail bikini, one of which has been prepared as a mini poster that will be distributed to fans right after the panel.

Rodriguez recalled his love for Howard's characters, pinpointing the specific "Savage Sword of Conan" issue #60 as the moment he fell in love with the world of Cimmeria. He had been trying to get Red Sonja on the big screen for years and, coincidentally, the script came across McGowan's desk at exactly the right time.

Because of his commitments, Rodriguez wasn't able to direct "Sonja" and instead offered up the reins to his friend, Douglas Aarniokoski. He did promise that he'll be extremely hands-on as a producer to the extent that it'll basically be unofficial co-directing.

The big news from Rodriguez is that he's in early talks to produce the upcoming Conan film as well, cementing the filmic universe. With that, "Sonja" and Thulsa Doom all coming in the next few years, Robert E. Howard fans should be very happy.

John Barrowman In Talks To Be Captain America

John Barrowman not content on his mission to be in every UK TV show going has suggested there had been discussions with his agents and meetings on him playing Captain America. The Doctor Who and Torchwood actor was at the San Diego Comic-Con for the Torchwood panel when he was asked by an attendee if there was any possibility that he would be playing Captain America in the upcoming feature film.
He smiled and gave the stock answer that he'd love to play the character and that Captain America has always been his favorite comic book superhero. Clearly, though, the notion did not take him by surprise and he ended up admitting there had been discussions with his agents and meetings on that very issue.

Meaney Out, Keitel In To Be Gene Hunt!

No you did not read that wrong Harvey Keitel will replace Colm Meaney and now play Gene Hunt in the American Life On Mars. Keitel who is 69 is a brilliant actor and would be great addition to the US version but I don't see him as Gene Genie at all, this series is going to struggle to better the original but they have made some impressive cast additions for the revised show after the disastrous pilot which was negatively received by critics and studio execs and resulted in show being complety started from scratch and the exit of David E. Kelley and the show being moved from LA to New York.

Harvey Keitel has agreed to his first-ever regular TV series role, joining the cast of ABC's upcoming "Life on Mars'' adaptation.

Keitel is aboard to play Det. Gene Hunt, who heads up the homicide department and is known for using any means necessary to do his job.

"Life on Mars'' - which has been completely revamped from its earlier pilot - is now set to start shooting in New York on Aug. 5. Keitel is set to star alongside Jason O'Mara (who plays lead character Det. Sam Tyler), as well as Michael Imperioli (Det. Ray Caling) and Jonathan Murphy(Det. Chris Skelton).

"Life on Mars'' revolves around O'Mara's character, a contemporary cop who wakes up in the 1970s after a car crash.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Somers Town Trailer

Head to Empire ASAP to check out the trailer for Somers Town. Ace Filmmaker Shane Meadows follow up to the brilliant This Is England!

The film is set in Somers Town, a London neighborhood by St Pancras rail station, young Tom, who had nothing to keep him back home in Nottingham, encounters Marek, a young Polish immigrant with nothing to fill his days.It's a mismatched friendship: Tom (dubbed Tomo by Marek) is full of youthful swagger and Marek, an amateur photographer who lives with his disciplinarian father, is more introspective and cautious. Their dynamic is uneasy and awkward at first as each teen believes himself to be the more mature, but a genuine rapport develops between the two. When Tomo and Marek both fall for the same girl, the common ground between them is further solidified.

Somers Town should sees a limited release of August 22 in Eire and UK.

What is Paul Giamatti's Favourite Movie Experience?

Paul Giamatti is one of them actors when in a film, just fact he is in it makes it instantly better and he has been in some true gems of films eg. Sideways, Man On The Moon, American Splendour, and Saving Private Ryan to name a few. So what was this Oscar nominated, well respected Hollywood star's favourite movie experience?

Thunderpants, Yes THUNDERPANTS!

Giamatti says, "Thunderpants is a fine motion picture that I made in England a long time ago about a kid who farts uncontrollably. "This came across my desk and I had to be a part of it... I play a guy from Nasa who kidnaps him (kid) so that he can power a rocket."Strangely enough this picture never made it across the Atlantic but I think it was huge in England for a while. It's one of my favourite pictures; I loved making this movie... It's every variation on a fart joke that you could possibly imagine."

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

Another Flipin Remake!

Yep the 1975 musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show is going to be remade by MTV. Lou Adler, exec producer of the original film, is partnering with BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios on the new rendition which they are looking to make for a Halloween release. No word on a cast (Insert Zac Efron here) or director but this has bad idea written all over it not really a fan of the original but I do love the fact that something so mental ever got made.

Ok Ok go on you know you to want too!

D.J. Caruso on Y: The Last Man

Being that comic con is about there shall be a great deal of news to report from the weekend event. Director D.J. Caruso was talking to about his upcoming thriller with Shia LaBeouf, Eagle Eye, and he got to chat a little about the Y The Last Man adaptation:

Q: Is "Y: The Last Man" going to happen?

Caruso: It's probably going to be happening, yeah. With New Line now part of Warner Brothers, Warners is now very high on the project. And Carl Ellsworth and I are probably going to deliver the script to WB/New Line by next week.

Q: Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say that you've cracked "Y: The Last Man"?

Caruso: What I mean by that is that there's so much to choose from. Just trying to narrow down the story, and in all the drafts written over the years there's a lot of great stuff in there, but what I think "Y" was missing in screenplay form was a ticking clock. So we did something where we separated Yorick from [pet monkey] Ampersand for a brief period of time where Yorick gets very sick, which kind of opened up the movie in the middle of the act. And also the Agent 355 / Yorick relationship to me has always been sort of a De Niro / Grodin thing. And so I was working on that and not quite getting it right, believe it or not. Because Yorick to me is so solid, it's really like 355 and her journey with Yorick that's been…and also Act 3, where do you end the first movie and how can you go from there? But I think we
licked it.

Q: So is this a trilogy?

Caruso: I see it as a trilogy. I definitely see it as a trilogy. I see the first movie ending anywhere basically when you pick up after the incident you're picking up about six weeks later, meeting Yorick six weeks later after the incident and progressing down, I think it's about… only a five or six week journey from that point to the end of the first movie. It's been hard, in a good way, just because there's so much good stuff to choose from, and every time you start throwing certain scenes in the screenplay you'll see that it sort of dislodges and starts to head a different way.

Q: When do you think this might happen?

Caruso: In a perfect world, and I was talking to Shia about this yesterday because he really wants to do it as well, I would like to prep this movie in October and shoot by January.

Q: So you're thinking summer 2010?

Caruso: 2010. That's what I've been hearing. Warner Brothers is saying "we need movies for 2010!" And I say "we're the movie!" I've got a movie star, I've got a great comic book, whatever.

Q: And Shia has reached the point where with him and you together…

Caruso: He has, yeah. He definitely has. But you want to get it right. You don't want to make the movie just for that reason.

Q: So he would do it?

Caruso: He wants to do it, I want to do it. The thing we have to worry about is him being exhausted. So I said if I prep in the fall and we start in January, that's a nice big break.

Q: Would you film in Australia?

Caruso: Eh….maybe. I don't know. That's where she goes, but we're not going to follow that throughline too much in the first film, god willing. We've been working on it, showing Vaughan all the things, he's really happy with this and I just want to fine tune it before giving it to the studio because I always think that first impression… you know. Because to them, it's Warner Brothers now, you're re-educating a new crew.

Q: In going to Warner Brothers, could you end up with a bigger budget?

Caruso: Honestly I'm still trying to figure out the landscape because I know New Line is going to exist the way Castle Rock existed years ago. So they still have autonomy but now I think if it gets over a certain budget level that's when Warners and New Line pair up. I think that we'll probably fit in that budget level. I'm still going to give it to Toby Emmerich, then I don't know if he has to go to Alan Horn, all I know is my agents keep saying "Warner Brothers wants this!"

The Dark Knight Breaks Another Record

The Dark Knight has now become the fastest film ever to cross the $200 million mark in five days! The previous record of eight days was held by three films - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Edgar Wright Chats About His Future Projects

Edgar Wright got to seat down and have a lenghty interview with about the launch of the Spaced DVD in the USA but he also got talking about his other projects like Ant-Man and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World heres what he had to say:
CS: The interesting thing about "Ant-Man" is that after "Iron Man" opened so big, there was this huge Marvel Studios bells and whistles announcement of their movies for the next three years and "Ant-Man" wasn't mentioned.

Wright: I think having spoken to Kevin Feige, the "Ant-Man" film I have in mind is a bit more stand-alone, and that's kind of what I wanted to do in a way. I think my take on it is something that may or may not fit into what "The Avengers" would eventually do, but they're very keen on it and they've even talked a release date with me in very vague terms. It looks likely that I will do "Scott Pilgrim" next and then "Ant-Man" straight afterwards.

CS: You have a great cast that's been announced for "Scott Pilgrim" so

Wright: There's some more interesting people buzzing around as well. It's going to be a big ensemble, that film, and there's a lot of fun people we've already been talking to, so there's more to come with that.

CS: Brian O'Malley still has a couple more issues of the story to finish,
so have you talked to him about where the story is going to go so you can include some of that in the movie?

Wright: The only book that isn't written is the sixth, but our film takes on a slightly different trajectory after the second book and it includes elements from books three, four and five. In some cases, Brian has used lines in his books from our first draft of the screenplay (chuckles) which is like strange performance-style transference, and it's been brilliant being able to pick his brains throughout this. On one hand, it's a very very faithful adaptation and on the other hand, it definitely molds events from those books into a three-act movie structure, so that's been interesting.

CS: And you know that Mike Cera has this insane fanbase of women, which you might have seen at Comic-Con last year, but it's gotten even bigger since "Superbad" came out. Essentially, every single woman wants him.

Wright: Michael Cera? Yeah. I know he's got a lot of growing up he can do if he wanted to.

CS: Once you figure out if the strike is happening, do you know where you'll shoot the movie? Would you go back to the U.K. for it or do it here?

Wright: No, it wouldn't be in the U.K. It'll either be here or Toronto. It would be really crucial to kind of shoot in Toronto, so that's what I'm aiming to do.

CS: I want to ask some more "Ant-Man" stuff because besides the release date, there's been a lot of chatter and speculation about what that movie might be like, whether it's a straight comedy or not. Did you look at any specific issues or stories to based the movie on?

Wright: It doesn't really have elements of an entire strand or series, because Ant-Man is a character that over forty years, he's kind of cropped up in various different guises, and it's always interesting to me what elements of the character people latch onto. Everyone seems to latch onto the wife-beater elements. I'm not even sure if I read that particular story. I maybe read parts of it. You know, the only thing is that parts of it touch upon is the whole mythos, and basically, it's the story about Hank Pym and Scott Lang. Our big spin on it is an origin tale for one of them and kind of like a swan song for the other.

CS: Are you going to be able to get the Wasp in there at all?

Wright: In a very roundabout way. We want to sort of leave some things for some future visions or spin-off things as well. It's difficult to tell forty years of Avengers history in one film, and I'd rather concentrate on two or three great characters.

CS: Ant-Man also had the worst villains in the Marvel Universe.

Wright: Living Eraser…

CS: Egghead…

Wright: Like The Protractor… it always seemed like for the first 12 issues of "Ant-Man," it was just the contents of a pencil case.

CS: You could probably make up a villain and it would be better than any of the villains in the comic books.

Wright: I don't think there's any villains from the original comics, I mean Ant-Man standalone, that are like famous enough to… I mean, in a way, one of the things that was sort of a high concept of characters so much is that you don't need to have a Marvel super-villain in the film. Ant-Man is enough in an otherwise kind of real world.

CS: The good thing is that the character doesn't have that many diehard fans, at least not that I know of, although maybe they'll come out of the woodwork when you're at Comic-Con talking about the movie.

Wright: "Hey, you didn't beat his wife enough!"

CS: (laughs) No, no, he really didn't beat his wife at all when he was Ant-Man. That was like later when he had five different personalities.

Wright: I think you got the sense with the original. I had lunch with Stan Lee and it was very interesting talking to him about Ant-Man because he said to me that he always felt like Ant-Man was a character that should have been bigger, and like they made mistakes, even just in the artwork, that sort of prevented him from doing that. It's kind of interesting. He said that he always felt that Ant-Man was a character that had more potential than it ever really delivered on. I like that Cold War stuff, it's great. Ant-Man taking on the Russkies single-handedly, it's funny.

And Alice Will Be.....

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Australian actress Mia Wasikowska is in final negotiations to star as Alice in Tim Burton and Disney's Alice In Wonderland. Wasikowska got her start on the Aussie series "All Saints" and is a regular on HBO's "In Treatment." She next will appear opposite Daniel Craig in Ed Zwick's war drama "Defiance" and just completed filming the role of a young Amelia Earhart fan in Mira Nair's biopic "Amelia," starring Hilary Swank.