Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ET Meets The Ladies Of 'Iron Man 2'

'Death Bell' Trailer

3 More Join 'John Carter Of Mars'

THR heat vision blog report Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy and Mark Strong have joined the cast of “John Carter of Mars,” Disney’s adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs book series that Andrew Stanton is directing.

Church plays Tal Hajus, an ambitious and vicious Thark warrior who is biding his time to be a ruler.

Purefoy plays Kantos Kan, the captain of the Xavarian, the kingdom of Helium’s grand warship. Strong is Matai Shang, the ruler of the Thems with godlike status.

Steven Soderbergh Talks 'Knockout'

Empire caught up with Steven Soderbergh for a chat were they talked a little about his upcoming spy thriller 'Knockout' starring mixed martial arts fighter and former Gladiator Gina Carano.
“My feeling was, If I don’t do this, somebody else will,” says the Oscar-winning director. “I felt, somebody is going to look at her and go, ‘She should be in a movie!’ And I felt like, Why shouldn’t I be the person saying that?”

If you start following the female mma fighters, Gina pops out pretty noticeably,” says Soderbergh. “I thought it was a fascinating combination of appearance and activity... I’d been wanting to make a spy action film for a while, but hadn’t really determined what I was going to bring to it that would distinguish it from the traditional approach. Then I thought, ‘Why don’t I just build it around her? She can actually break people in half.’ I was interested in doing something ultra-realistic.”

Soderbergh describes Knockout as “a combination of a Bond movie and Point Blank”, though, “more on the scale of From Russian With Love than, you know, Quantum Of Solace... Something where the characters and the story are as prominent as the action stuff.”

Robert Kirkman Talks How Frank Darabont Will Bring 'The Walking Dead' To TV

MTV caught up with Robert Kirkman to spill some details on the television adaption of his comic 'The Walking Dead' and it how it will differ from the comic.
MTV: So, everyone seems to be in agreement about how great of a pairing it is for Darabont to be directing "The Walking Dead"...

ROBERT KIRKMAN: When I heard that Darabont was interested in doing it a long, long time ago, I was just ecstatic. For me, "The Walking Dead" is not necessarily a horror thing. It's not all about the shocks. It's about characters and all of that dramatic nonsense. And Darabont does that better than anybody.

If you've seen "The Shawshank Redemption" or "The Mist," you know he gets to the heart of the characters and shows them dealing with extremes. It's a match made in heaven.

MTV: There were rumors that Guillermo Del Toro was initially interested in the project. Was that the case? Did you know about him being interested, too?

KIRKMAN: I did, yes.

MTV: How much will you be involved in shaping the series on AMC?

KIRKMAN: I'm going to be an executive producer on the show, so I'll have my hands all over the thing. But it's important to me that I'm only involved in the show as much my comic book career will allow. I'm excited that there is a television show, and I'm excited that Darabont is involved—and one of the big reasons for that is that I trust him. I don't need to look over his shoulder.

Frank understands the material 100 percent. It's always been shocking to me, doing Hollywood meetings over the years, just how easy it is for someone to come in to the meeting and say something like, "We want the zombies to have super powers." Knowing that, I'm really excited about it, because from my discussions with Frank, he likes the right things about "Walking Dead."

MTV: How will the TV series relate to the comic? Will it follow the same basic story arc, or will it explore a new area of the "Walking Dead" universe?

KIRKMAN: I've told Frank flat-out that I do not want him to follow the comic to the detriment of the show. I encourage him to veer off if he has something that will work really well on TV that wouldn't work in a comic. I don't want people who enjoy the comic to be watching the TV show and going, "Oh, this is leading to that one thing I already know about from the comic."

I think it will be 100-percent true to the tone of the series, but at the same time it will be an entertaining, secondary way of experiencing "The Walking Dead" in a completely different light, so I'm excited.

MTV: There's been some concern that the series might lose its edge being broadcast on AMC instead of one of the less-restricted networks like HBO or Showtime. Is that something you're worried about? Is that even a concern?

KIRKMAN: I had no concerns about that whatsoever, because one of the concerns I have about zombie fiction is when they rely too much on the shocking gore aspects. That's not really the point of "Walking Dead," so to a certain extant, I think it will work better at AMC—because it forces people not to rely on that stuff. As far as "Walking Dead" not having teeth on AMC, if you've ever seen [certain episodes of] "Mad Men" or "Breaking Bad," they push a lot of boundaries as far as content goes.

In fact, I just had a meeting with a bunch of the executives at AMC, and Darabont, and Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert at Circle of Confusion, and the executives were talking to Darabont about his script and they said, "You can't use the F-word." That was the only limitation they gave him. We were all stunned.

The thing is, you don't necessarily have to see everything that's going on, and sometimes things are even more horrific when you don't see the goriest parts.

'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' Trailer 2

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Behind The Scenes Scenes Look At 'Where The Wild Things Are': Production Designer KK Barrett

'The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights' Trailers

Studio Ghibli Announces Its Next Film

Studio Ghibli has revealed its next project to be Taketori Monogatari, aka The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter which is one of the oldest surviving Japanese folktales and a first for Studio Ghibli to adapt a folktale. Co-founder Isao Takahata will be directing the film his first in over a decade, asianmoviepulse reports.

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is about a little baby is found inside the stalk of a glowing plant by a bamboo cutter. He takes her home, and raises her with his wife as their own daughter, and they give her the name Kaguya-Hime (radiant-night princess). She grows into a beautiful adult woman, with many suitors, even the Emperor of Japan – and she rebuffs them all. Then, things become even more complicated as her true lineage becomes revealed, and her special relationship with the moon

More good news too as the articule also revealed Hayao Miyazaki is in discussions with studio staff to make two more feature-length films in the next 3 years.

First look At Mel Gibson And His Beaver In Jodie Foster's 'The Beaver'

Head to here for more

Part 2 & 3 Of ET'S 'Iron Man 2' Set Visit

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A Bunch Of Wild Tv Spots From 'Where the Wild Things Are'

Soundtrack Preview:

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

'A Christmas Carol' Trailer & Featurette

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Teaser Trailer

First Look: The Doctor In 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'

Plot Summary:

Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life; to become a father to Luke perhaps. But Clyde thinks Peter is hiding a secret or two of his own, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be..."

Part one summary: "The Doctor returns on the happiest day of Sarah Jane's life - but a deadly trap is waiting for them all! As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane, on the day of her arch-enemy's greatest triumph?"

Part two summary: "The Doctor joins the battle - but is it too late to save both Sarah Jane and the Earth itself? As the power of the Pantheon of Discord grows in strength, the old friends are separated across different time zones, and must fight to save each other - but for one, there's a terrible price to pay."

'The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith' will air on October 29 and October 30 on BBC One.

Danny Trejo Joins 'Predators'

Danny Trejo has revealed that he will star in 'Predators'.

Speaking to Punch Drunk Critics at the Horrorfind convention in Baltimore, the 65-year-old actor divulged that he will appear in director Nimrod Antal's reboot of the Predator franchise.

Trejo did not confirm which role he will play.

Friday, September 25, 2009

'Taking Woodstock' Poster

'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Poster

New 'Fantastic Mr Fox' Poster And Banner

MGM On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

The THR blog deadline is reporting that MGM is struggling to to stay out of bankruptcy by the end of the year end of year. In a meeting it proposed it needs $20M in short-term cash flow to cover overhead, and an additional $150 million to stay out of bankruptcy. The studio fears it will loose the rights to the James Bond franchise and may delay The Hobbit.
So the bondhholders said to MGM, in essence, that they were going to let the studio go bankrupt and collect their money since they'd be first in line to get paid. But Cooper explained that this would be the worst possible outcome for the creditors and the company. Because if MGM were forced into bankruptcy, then it would lose James Bond and the studio doesn't think it can stay alive without 007. Also, a lot of other issues would surface that would tremendously hurt MGM.

Also, if MGM goes through bankruptcy, that's a very expensive prospect (where only the lawyers get rich), and extremely disruptive (since who would do business with MGM in the interim) and won’t get the creditors what they want which is their money back. It's more than simply MGM losing Bond. The studio could lose a lot of other franchises.

'Iron Man 2' ET Set Visit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

'The Princess and the Frog' One Sheet

Edward Norton Would Be Happy To Fight Marvel's Mightiest Heroes

Finally Edward Norton has expressed some interest in repising his role as Bruce Banner, talking with MTV he said he liked the idea of being the villian in the The Avengers saying:
"In the comics, there was always a tension between the rest of the superhero community and he was always this problem... They treated him as this problem," said Norton.

"I think that's a fun way to go with it," said Norton.

He-Man Has A Home And Barbies On Her Way

Sony have picked up 'He-Man And Masters of the Universe' movie after warners dropped the project. Sony and Escape Artists' Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch will now start developing the project from scratch for Columbia Pictures, John Stevenson ('Kung Fu Panda') had previously been attached to direct, with Justin Marks and Evan Daugherty having penned versions of the script. Rights to those scripts now belong to WB, meaning a new writer will likely be hired.

Meanwhile Baribie has also set her sights on the big screen with Universal Pictures, where other toys franchises Hot Wheels, Max Steel, Major Matt Mason have also set up shop

David Cronenberg Returns To 'The Fly'

THR has news that David Cronenberg is set develop a reboot of his 1986 classic 'The Fly' with Fox, the studio that released that film, writing and potentially directing the new pic, sweet. For once a remake that could be very interesting indeed now we need to hear Jeff Goldblum will return too.

The Fly Trailer

Daredevil Reboot & Ghost Rider 2 Confirmed

David Goyer is in talks to pen the sequel to Ghost Rider which Nicolas Cage is expected to once again gear up and light his head on fire. Not so lucky for Mark Steven Johnson's other Marvel hero Daredevil who will be getting the reboot treatment as Marvel are "quietly developing a new version of 'Daredevil'" variety reports.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Darren Aronofsky's Next Film A British Heist Thriller?

Darren Aronofsky will direct and produce an indie heist thriller based on the daring $85 million robbery at the Securitas Depot in Tonbridge, England, in February 2006 variety states. This is set to be his follow up to 'Black Swan,' however there is no news on whats happening with 'Robocop' whether he is still attached to direct or if he has dropped the project altogether?

Securitas Robbery

Two More Join 'Thor'

Jaimie Alexander and Colm Feore have joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor'. THR reports Alexander is playing Sif, a skilled Asgardian warrior who can hold her own against any man. She also is one of Thor's loves.

Feore's character is shrouded in mystery -- the studio isn't even sending the actors the script -- though it is known to be a villain.

Bryan Singer's Next Is 'Jack the Giant Killer'

Bryan Singer has confiremd he will direct 'Jack the Giant Killer' THR can confirm. This is the 3rd project the director has attached himself too and looking to be his next film.

A Story by Mark Bomback ('Live Free or Die Hard'), is set in motion when a princess is kidnapped, threatening a long-standing peace between men and giants. A young farmer is given an opportunity to lead a dangerous expedition to the giants' kingdom in hopes of rescuing her. Darren Lemke is the original writer.

Sherlock Holmes Will Return

The Hollywood reporter is confirming that work has begun on a 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel.

Three months ahead of the release of its Robert Downey Jr. action pic, Warners is developing a new installment also rumors of Brad Pitt taking on the role as the detectives greatest enemy have resurfaced as he has had discussions with producers to star as Moriarty.

Clips From Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Will Ferrell & Adam McKay 'The Other Guys' Gets Some Names

Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and Steve Coogan are joining the latest Will Ferrell & Adam McKay comedy "The Other Guys," variety reports. They join Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and Michael Keaton.

Johnson and Jackson will play an elite cop tandem whose exploits are the envy of the department and the second-tier fellow cops played by Ferrell and Wahlberg. Steve Coogan is set to be the villian.

'Highlander' Gets Resurrected

'Highlander is the latest film to get the reboot treatment from Hollywood with Summit Entertainment announcing 'Fast & Furious' director Justin Lin and producer Neal H. Moritz – to direct and produce with a script is by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who co-wrote Iron Man.

Who wants to live forever- Queen

Behind the Scenes Videos and Photos From 'The Fighter'

Dave Fincher's 'The Social Network' Gets A Cast

David Fincher has given his facebook film now called "The Social Network," its faces.

Jesse Eisenberg will play Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; Justin Timberlake will play Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder who became Facebook's founding president; and Andrew Garfield will play Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who fell out with Zuckerberg over money.

First Look At Gordon Gekko In 'Wall Street 2'