Thursday, August 15, 2019

Check This...'Swansong' Starring Noel Fielding

In this edition of 'Check This' Noel Fielding plays an elderly angel living out his final moments in 'Swansong' from filmmaker Joseph Lynn.

Lynn’s Swansong follows an elderly angel (Noel Fielding) on his journey through his retirement home and beyond as he lives out his final moments. The director made a statement on the project stating:
 "Swansong is my debut short film starring comedian Noel Fielding and follows an elderly angel on his final journey. The film was inspired by my Grandma and her unfaltering optimism and courage throughout her battle with cancer. The film uses movement to explore what it means to experience loss; pain, strength, fear and joy. After casting Noel Fielding to play the angel, we worked with choreographer Imogen Knight to utilise his physicality in a way mostly unseen in his own projects.
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