Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can Pixar Bring John Carter To The Screen

It has been a long journey to the screen for John Carter of Mars the beloved Edgar Rice Burroughs character has been waiting for his moment on the sliver screen since 1931, but at last it seems to be taking some form in the shape of Pixar.

Over at the Pixar blog Andrew Stanton director of the Oscar winning Finding Nemo and the up coming Wall-E has confirmed he is penning John Carter of Mars and will most likely direct aswell. It is not sure if the film will be cgi or live action or a mix of both but whatever the method its in safe hands with Pixar.

Doubting what I'm hearing, I interject, "What is that?" "John Carter of Mars, Stanton replies." "You're confirming John Carter? Are you serious?" At this point, I turn my tape recorder back on, "...say that on tape!", I tell him. Stanton: "I am writing John Carter of Mars right now."