Friday, June 6, 2008

Ed Norton Writing Credit Uncredited In Hulk Film

IESB have an article on their site regarding Ed Nortons name nowhere to be seen on the film credits. Ed Norton seems to have nack of not getting credit for rewrites on films he is involved in and this again seems to be the case. Shame too as Norton's rewrite was apparently extensive and vastly improved.

In the final credits of the film, Edward Norton's name is nowhere to be found as a writer. Not even his alias Edward Harrison is listed. As it stands, "Screen story and Screenplay" is solely credited to Zak Penn although we all know Norton rewrote Penn's draft of the script.

I read Norton's draft, it was amazing. I honestly abhor Ang Lee's 2003 version of the Hulk and was very excited with this script and the story Norton had so finely crafted.

Then IESB contacted Zak Penn's office to ask about the credit. They confirmed Penn will be receiving sole writing credit on the film. Universal reps are saying, "WGA determined the writing credit not Zak or Edward or Universal or Marvel. WGA always determines final writing credit for our films right before the film comes out. Up until that time, we include the writers on the project to date." A call to the WGA got this response, "Zak Penn is receiving sole credit for story and screenplay."

Apparently, there was arbitration, which is quite common since two screenwriters were listed. The WGA sided with Zak Penn. So there you have it. Edward Norton will go uncredited as a writer for HULK.