Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guillermo Del Toro Has Cast His Frankenstein's Monster

Director Guillermo Del Toro was asked by at the premiere of Hellboy II: The Golden Army who he has in mind to play Frankenstein's Monster, his answer long time collabarotar Doug Jones.
"For the monster I would love to have Doug Jones," he revealed. Jones has worked for the director as a creature performance since Mimic and plays Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films. "I think he can do a fantastic job. Ron looks seven feet tall in Hellboy, but he's not. I think we could do that with Doug, but I would love to do it with him. The only vision of the Frankenstein monster I've ever latched onto is Berni Wrighton's. He's lanky and long and it's gorgeous in a tragic way. Doug has all of those qualities."
Well don't hold your breath for this as Del Toro will be busy directing the two Hobbit films first but its good to see he still has other projects on his mind also when asked about who he has in mind for Victor Frankenstein:
"I won't say anything 'cause then you would know what I'm doing."