Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hey Wha Happened To Trick ‘r’ Treat

Someone at Warner Brothers should get fired for this one, back in Halloween 2007 a little film called Trick R Treat directed and written by Michael Dougherty of X2 and Superman Returns fame, was to be released for Halloween and it look sweet as pumpkin pie. A Halloween-themed anthology flick with a great cast that included Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and flipping acting god Brian Cox what was not too love then it got bumped to 08?

What The Flip!

Horror films are in very sorry state at the mo filled with crap remakes, torture porn and sequels galore this is what the doctor ordered but it seems the doctor was an a-hole, Dougherty speaking with moviehole has revealed Warner's has dropped the film entirely from its 08 schedule But all is not lost as it seems another distributor is likely to pick up the film for release, Dougherty said this.
The struggle continues. There’s interest from another distributor so negotiations have begun. Keep your severed fingers crossed!
Well I hope this gets to see the light of day as horror films need a shot of originality and this seems to fit the bill plus any horror film with Brian Cox is gonna be exceptional check out the trailer below.