Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'd Buy That For a Dollor, Robocop Remake Teaser Poster

The Licensing International Expo 2008 is currently taking place in New York and this is the teaser poster for the recently announced Robocop remake, looks quite cheap and straight to DVDish has to be said.

The original is an absolute masterpiece but the Sequels and TV shows have not been kind to old Robocop over the years, so not looking forward to how much lower Robo can go.

Superhero Hype have posted a comment made by an MGM employee stating that the new Robocop will be R rated and everyone will be blown away by how good it will be.
I was at the Licensing Show today, and I made sure to ask the MGM guy about 'RoboCop.' He said it is 100% going to be rated R, and, "It's going to blow everyone away. They've offered it to some really great directors. I can't say who, but wow."
Well all I can say unless the great director is Paul Verhoeven I remain skeptical.

Bitches, leave!