Thursday, June 5, 2008

More New Dark Knight Images and Jon Favreau Talks Dark Knight

Wizard have posted up new images of the Dark Knight check them out.


Latino Review spoke to Jon Favreau where he speaks about The Dark Knight:

"I think as the summer roles out, and I’m really curious about 'The Dark Knight’ to be honest with you. That was this looming presence that we knew was going to be a great film. I have no doubt that it’s going to be phenomenal.

I think our big saving grace was the fact that we had a couple of months between that film and us and there was room for both of us. We weren’t fighting for shelf space. Even though we weren’t going head to head, it was very clear that we could not take this character that on paper could seem very similar to Batman, and I have no doubt that just the inception of ‘Iron Man’ was a reaction to DC. It was definitely borrowed a lot from DC because here you have the billionaire bachelor guy, who was struggling with inner conflict, and he has no super powers. He invents his own suit and his abilities come from himself. He’s a self-made hero. We had to really steer clear of everything that ‘The Dark Knight’ was doing.

I have tremendous respect for their cast, for [Christopher] Nolan, and so I want to see what they do. I definitely don’t want to fight for the same territory as them. There is plenty of room to tell these stories. As a fan I’m really looking forward to it and I have a lot of respect for the way they approach the material too. He has no second unit on his films. He does all the directing himself. If they are going to do some IMAX work then they shoot it in IMAX. He put together a cast in a way that broke ground for me to be able to use the cast that I did. They made sure the script was perfect before they started shooting it and that’s not typical for all super hero films. A lot of times they just throw them together and try to do them as inexpensively as they can. They try to chase the poster and chase the date. They put a lot of care into that film. I’m looking forward to see how it pays off. From everything I’ve seen so far my hat is off to them. I look forward to checking that film out."