Friday, June 13, 2008

New Dark Knight Trailer

UPDATE: DENT VICTORIOUS! In winning the race for District Attorney check out his victory statement here. Hear what Dents rivals Roger Garcetti and Dana Worthington have to say on there defeat.

Extra, Extra!! Batman savior or menace read the scoop over at the Gotham Times.

Gotham Tonight: Harvey Dent has scored a landslide victory in the race for Gotham’s District Attorney, but the Batman upstaged the results with his own campaign - emerging near a polling station to stop three thugs from assaulting Dent supporters. World-renowned journalist Mike Engel gives up-to-date information on the Batman's recent "heroics", asking Dent campaign strategist, Allan Cypes, how the masked vigilante fits into the White Knight's plan to clean up the city. Cypes goes toe-to-toe with defeated opponents Roger Garcetti and Dana Worthington to discuss this issue and more on Gotham Tonight. Tune in now on Comcast Channel One. GCN will webcast the episode this Monday at noon on has come online with something a special promotion for June 16th.

Also the Joker is posting out pics to mobile phones check them out here.