Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Dark Knight Tv Spot

25 July 2008 cannot come soon enough and if anyone from Warner's or TDK advertising campaign is reading this wheres Flick News Dark Knight goodies?

The Joker has a new game for you to play here

Gotham Tonight looks at the tragic, mysterious, and flamboyant life of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Born into enormous wealth, Bruce's life changed forever when he witnessed the shooting deaths of his parents in downtown Gotham. GCN's premier news program looks at Bruce's life then, and now. Gotham Tonight gets exclusive comment from District Attorney Harvey Dent, who's rumored to be dating Bruce's old friend Rachel Dawes. And GT also examines the ascent of Bruce Wayne to CEO of Wayne Enterprises - what is the economic giant planning now? Tune in now on Comcast Channel One. GCN will webcast the episode this Monday at noon on