Monday, June 16, 2008

Teeth, Captain America Cameo, Friday 13th Remake, Hulk, Robotech, Eva Mendes, Gears Of War

Banned Teeth Poster (Painful!!!!!!!)

Captain America Hulk cameo never existed (Seeing He Ain't Even Been Cast Makes Sense)

Friday The 13th remake - Jason's mask revealed (Same Old Same Old)

Hulk smash puny US box office! (Ironically makes less then it's 2003 Predecessor)

Hulk director lines up his next project (Sign of no Hulk Sequel?)

Lawrence Kasdan fires up Robotech (Empire Strikes Back Of Robo Films?)

Eva Mendes Joins Bad Lieutenant (It still ain't a remake)

The Gears Of War are in motion with Len Wiseman confirmed to direct (More looking forward to Gears Of War 2)