Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bryan Singer Working With Warners Bros. Again

There has been alot of speculation recently regarding Bryan Singer's relationship with Warner Brothers, there had been talk of him not being offered the Superman Sequel, Warners not satisfied with drafts for the sequel and Superman Returns Scribes leaving the sequel, the turmoil caused by the proposed but ultimately shelved Justice Leauge film, WB not releasing the Bryan Singer produced Trick R Treat the list goes on. Well last week things started to shift that the Bryan Singer fronted Superman sequel was in early pre-production and now comes news that Singer is producing a film with WB.

The Hollywood Reporter announced Bryan Singer is in talks to produce a new superhero project at Warner Bros. "Capeshooters" follows a pair of slackers who capture superheroes on film, but when they discover a legendary superhero is really evil, they go on the run. The story is based on an upcoming graphic novel by Rob Liefeld, one of the founders of Image Comics. JP Lavin and Chad Damiani will write the screenplay.