Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Great Superman Movie Confusion

Mark Millar and Louis Leterrier have been both recently mentioned regarding Superman reinvention films, Millar creator of Wanted has claimed he has wrote the film for a 21st century Superman audience and has a big name director on board and will be pitching the film to Warners. Louis Leterrier, director of "The Incredible Hulk" movie, recently claimed at an AlloCine Q&A session (in French) that he'd "maybe" been offered the role of Director in a new Superman film. Leterrier was quick to change his tune, denying his words in a statement on AICN, stating that what he meant was that he had been told about a possible reinvention of Superman. "Not that I was offered the job".

With all this recent talk of reinventions and new pitches no one has seemed to have bother to check that Bryan Singer's Man Of Steel is already in pre-production and his team are all ready casting extras for the film as Omel Courtesy Casting in Omaha has sent out a Casting Call for extras and stand-ins for "Superman: Man of Steel". The casting call reads:

Plot Summary: A sequel to the summer 2006 action-adventure. Bryan Singer returns to direct with Brandon Routh again playing Clark Kent/Superman.

Stand-Ins, Extras needed.

Also a very in shape looking Brandon Routh was asked by the stalkarazzi recently about the Superman Sequel and he said script was being finished and finalised and film begins production next year!

In this video he was seen eating with Superman Returns Producer Gilbert Adler.