Friday, July 25, 2008

Jeff Bridges In Tron 2, Hell Yeah!

It's Film News Crazy Tonight

Jeff Bridges is back for Tron 2 (yes he really is) and footage has been shown.

There was a big surprise revealed today at the end of Walt Disney Pictures' movie presentation at San Diego Comic-Con: the debut of the trailer for Tron 2!

The trailer begins with a cityscape shot that leads into a multiplane, cyber-reality gaming level. A bearded man in a blue and black battlesuit runs into frame, hiding momentarily from his foe: a black-and-green clad biker whose face is obscured behind a biker helmet. The bearded man and his opponent become engaged in a Light Cycle chase through the various stages of the course.

Just when the bearded man thinks he has evaded his foe, the black-and-green cyclist bolts out in front of him. The bearded man screams as he crashes through his foe's Light Cycle trail, smashing into a virtual wall of colored light. His Cycle destroyed, the bearded man lies broken and beaten as his opponent approaches him.

The trailer then cuts to the real world where we see an older Kevin Flynn -- yes, once again played by Jeff Bridges! -- rising to his feet inside of a virtual reality computer room and holding a device in his hand. Bearded and with his longish silvery hair slicked back, Flynn is far more menacing and cold than he ever seemed in the 1982 original.

Cut back to inside the game world where the victorious Light Cyclist's helmet visor flickers open to reveal Flynn's face. His defeated opponent whimpers, "But it's only a game," to which Flynn cryptically replies, "Not anymore." The trailer then cuts to the sequel's logo: TR2N.

The crowd was told that no more footage from the film would be seen publicly until next year, closer to the film's release.