Saturday, July 19, 2008

John Lennon Under Control

Matt Greenhalgh, the writer behind Ian Curtis biopic Control, will write a film about John Lennon's early life, The Guardian reports. Nowhere Boy, will be the name of the film which will be based on the book by Lennon's half-sister Julia Baird which will deal with Lennon's early life and upbrinigng, Greenhalgh had this to say:
When looking for my next project I was wary of musical protagonists - but when John Lennon was floated, that vanished. He is beyond music; above it even."And his early life as told in Julia's book took me into a world that illuminated so much about this legendary genius. I could see the drama and film immediately. The women in his life, the men who weren't, the birth of rock 'n' roll; all imposing on a brilliantly complicated adolescent mind."He added: "The nagging questions, the icy secrets, the need for love. John's angst and anger pouring out into his music, his thankful salvation. Without this story we would never have heard the Beatles - can you imagine that?"
Control was a great biopic very much told in the style of Ian Curtis music so be great to see a similar approach with Nowhere Boy but with keeping of the music and imagination of Lennon, I would love to see someone like Michel Gondry tackle this as he is a master at combining down to earth realism with wonderful imagination.