Friday, July 25, 2008

Meaney Out, Keitel In To Be Gene Hunt!

No you did not read that wrong Harvey Keitel will replace Colm Meaney and now play Gene Hunt in the American Life On Mars. Keitel who is 69 is a brilliant actor and would be great addition to the US version but I don't see him as Gene Genie at all, this series is going to struggle to better the original but they have made some impressive cast additions for the revised show after the disastrous pilot which was negatively received by critics and studio execs and resulted in show being complety started from scratch and the exit of David E. Kelley and the show being moved from LA to New York.

Harvey Keitel has agreed to his first-ever regular TV series role, joining the cast of ABC's upcoming "Life on Mars'' adaptation.

Keitel is aboard to play Det. Gene Hunt, who heads up the homicide department and is known for using any means necessary to do his job.

"Life on Mars'' - which has been completely revamped from its earlier pilot - is now set to start shooting in New York on Aug. 5. Keitel is set to star alongside Jason O'Mara (who plays lead character Det. Sam Tyler), as well as Michael Imperioli (Det. Ray Caling) and Jonathan Murphy(Det. Chris Skelton).

"Life on Mars'' revolves around O'Mara's character, a contemporary cop who wakes up in the 1970s after a car crash.