Saturday, July 26, 2008

What The Flip Happened To The Spirit

The more I hear about The Spirit the worse it seems to be getting, at the SDCC, Frank Miller and cast were talking bout the film at the The Spirit Panel and this is the plot:

Miller talked a bit about the basic plot of the film; Police officer Denny Colt is nearly killed by a bullet wound but awakens to find himself in "a new reality," able to do things he couldn't before. In addition to incredible endurance, Colt's pheromones have been altered, causing mutual attraction between himself and any woman he meets.

The Octopus' henchman are all clones and -- as a result -- have limited intelligence.

Ah for flip sake what the flip is Frank Miller on and what Spirit did he read cause as far as I know The Spirit never had powers at all, only thing he has is that he is officially dead so he can work outside the law. I have no clue what Frank Miller thinks hes doing but its a insult to call the film The Spirit or have Will Eisner's name on it.