Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is Paul Giamatti's Favourite Movie Experience?

Paul Giamatti is one of them actors when in a film, just fact he is in it makes it instantly better and he has been in some true gems of films eg. Sideways, Man On The Moon, American Splendour, and Saving Private Ryan to name a few. So what was this Oscar nominated, well respected Hollywood star's favourite movie experience?

Thunderpants, Yes THUNDERPANTS!

Giamatti says, "Thunderpants is a fine motion picture that I made in England a long time ago about a kid who farts uncontrollably. "This came across my desk and I had to be a part of it... I play a guy from Nasa who kidnaps him (kid) so that he can power a rocket."Strangely enough this picture never made it across the Atlantic but I think it was huge in England for a while. It's one of my favourite pictures; I loved making this movie... It's every variation on a fart joke that you could possibly imagine."