Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Goonies 2 Being Secretly Developed By Warner Brothers For Big Screen Release

Goonies Never Say Die!

There has been recent chatter and speculation that Warner Brothers are secretly devolping a big screen sequel to The Goonies which at this stage has an almost completed script and a number of known writers involved, and will also have most of the original cast when goes into production. It seem Warners are copying a similiar method used by Disney with Tron 2 where a massive 80's cult film has a sequel in production and its all kept super top secret.

For those not in the know a few years back Warners decided to allow alot of their back catolouge of movies to have direct to dvd sequel to make extra revenue and Goonies was originally intended to be 1 of them. Fans and the films director Richard Donner where not happy at all, WB seemed to want to heal the uproar and there was then talk of a computer animated sequel most likely going to dvd but with original cast on board.

Then all went quiet fans still werent happy and since the direct to dvd announcement there has been no end of petitions, letters, email and phone calls sent Warners way. Warners know they have a monster on there hand and The Goonies is an important film held in incredibly high regard from anybody from the 80's so it's looking and I am keeping everything crossed saying this that we might be getting long promised Goonies Sequel, next step WB is to get Richard Donner back to direct or be directly involved in the film.

Update: Moviehole seem to be have a confirmed insider reporting the same!