Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guillermo del Toro Was Offered The Watchmen

IGN have an interview with Guillermo del Toro where he reveals he was offered the chance to bring The Watchmen to the big screen:
“"You know, at one point or another, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin asked me if I wanted to do The Watchmen and I just couldn't get my head around The Watchmen being two or three hours long. I always thought that the series depended on almost-miniseries build-up."

del Toro did go on to praise the trailer's faithful recreation of the work, however. "I think Zack Snyder is a brilliant visual creator and everything in the trailer seems right - if not completely dead-on. To be absolutely honest, I even got a little bit of a geekgasm."
Check out here too, where del Toro talks about effects for The Hobbit:
Like Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, del Toro has a soft-spot for the traditions of model-making and real-world workshop effects - something that he intends to carry through to The Hobbit.

He explained, "You have to be very careful not to rely on a single tool – and this is another thing that I share a passion for with Peter Jackson. We both are huge fans of 'old-world' techniques like maquettes, models, miniatures, paintings – and in the case of The Hobbit, I do intend to continue this trend and bring much more animatronics into the mix.

"We need to keep that art form alive, because it brings a textural power to the movie that ultimately affects the content. The creatures somehow seem more tactile and more tangible than CG."