Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update: Jean Reno Suffers A 'Massive Heart Attack' Claims Denied

Update: A rep for French actor Jean Reno has denied reports that the 60-year-old is hospitalized after suffering a “very serious heart attack.”
On Thursday reports surfaced that Reno had a heart attack while vacationing in the Caribbean. Sources alleged that the actor was in intensive care at a Caribbean hospital. Reno’s rep confirms that he did go to the hospital but not because he had a heart attack.

“Reports that actor Jean Reno is in the hospital due to a heart attack are false. He is vacationing in the Caribbean and went to a local hospital as a precaution for some discomfort he was feeling due to heartburn and gastroenteritis. It was definitely not a heart attack,” Reno’s publicist tells People magazine.

Despite going to the hospital, the rep added that Reno is “fine and healthy and enjoying the rest of his vacation traveling in the Caribbean.”
Sad news, French actor Jean Reno has been rushed to hospital after suffering a serious heart attack, it emerged today.

The 60-year-old actor, famous for his role in 1994 thriller Leon, was on holiday on the Caribbean island of St Barts with his wife Zofia Borucka when he was taken ill, and subsequently airlifted to hospital where he remains in intensive care.