Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Man Of Steel Will Be A Hybrid Sequel/ Revamp?

Following yesterdays news by Anne Thompson at Variety. Steve Younis at Superman Homepage had this to say on the matter:
I received an email earlier this week stating that writers have been hired, and Bryan Singer (who is still attached to direct) is having writing sessions with them twice a week. I'm unable to get the names of those writers at this point in time, but have put in a call to my source to get a response to Anne Thompson's report.
Batman-On-Film also has some news about a Superman Sequel:
I can report that a spec script has drawn the interest of the folks over in Burbank. While it is a direct sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS, it also revamps and adds a lot of the current Superman comic book mythos into the film franchise.
The confusion rumbles on and on and on so!