Sunday, August 17, 2008

Robert Rodriguez Planning A Machete Trilogy & Talks Sin City 2

I stumbled across this interview today which was posted back during comic-con, deadbolt interviewed Robert Rodriguez, Rose Mc Gowan and Red Sonja director Douglas Aarniokosi. The interview reveals some exciting news for those who have been looking forward to see Danny Trejo as Machete, and also on what is happening with the long delayed Sin City 2.

In the interview Rodriguez has this to say bout Machete:
DB:I know you mentioned that you haven’t begun casting, but do you want to throw some rumor mill names out there for Conan?

RODRIGUEZ: Danny Trejo. [laughs] I’m surprised nobody has asked about Machete yet. My phone should be ringing any second... [voice of Danny] - "Robert, when are we going to make Machete? Everywhere I go people are asking, Machete, Machete, Machete. Hurry up, homez! I love you, call me."

DB:Nobody has asked yet about Machete, so I will. What is the status and when did you decide to make it from that fake trailer to actually considering it for a feature film?

RODRIGUEZ: I had actually written it back in '93 when I first met Danny Trejo. I wrote a script called Machete and I stole, over the years, sequences from it. Like the scene from Once Upon a Time in Mexico where the couple is handcuffed and going down the side, that was from Machete. So when it came time for Quentin and I to make fake trailers, I thought I’m going to do a trailer for Machete. I already got the whole movie, so I wrote the trailer pretty quickly. It was one of those really backwards type of things where I’d written a script, shot the trailer, people loved the trailer, but now I've got to go shoot the movie and its sequels.

So I’m thinking we’re going to shoot Machete, put in a couple of fake trailers and that’s either going to be theatrical here, or just straight to video here and theatrical overseas and then do Part 2 and 3 as a double feature. So It would be Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again as a double feature on a second disc. Then you could have a triple pack in a short amount of time. That’s the plan. Danny would love that. Danny would be in heaven. So I have a Machete script and it’s just a matter of locking down these next couple of months.

On Sin City 2:
DB:I was wondering about the progress on Sin City 2 and 3?

RODRIGUEZ: Frank has written a Sin City 2 script that’s really great and we’ve literally just been trying to figure out how we’re going to do it between our projects. But that’s just the gift that keeps on giving. That this is just always there and ready to go. He just showed me the script about three months ago, so hopefully I’ll run into him here at the Comic-Con or hear some news from him. But I know he’s got his movie going so soon we’ll be able to see what we’re going to do about that.