Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still No Red Dwarf Movie, But Possibly An Hour Long Special

If you, like us here at Flicks News have been waiting for a Red Dwarf movie since 1999, we have some bad news and some very good news.

The bad news is the film is still in devolpment hell, the good news is that Robert Llewellyn announced to a small crowd at the KTCS9 20th Anniversary that a brand new one hour Red Dwarf episode had been commissioned by BBC Worldwide, to be filmed in October 2008. He wouldn't spoil the storyline, but did mention that the script is being finalised right now.

There has been rumours aplenty that something was being planned for Red Dwarf's 20th anniversary, it may not be the film announcment we have all been waiting for but it's still damn smegging good news!

Smoke Me A Kipper, I'll Be Back For Breakfast!

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