Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow News Day Tidbits (Updated)

Very Slow News Day Today For Interesting New So Here Is Some Tidbits:

Ed Norton To Star In Leaves Of Grass

Val Kilmer Has A Fake Identity

Jessica Alba Takes Lead In An Invisible Sign Of My Own

Will Smith To Be The Last Pharaoh

Soul Men Trailer

Helen Mirren Researched Latest Film Role In A Brothel

John Simm & Catherine Tate Set For One Off Doctor Who Return?

Irish Director John Moore Not Happy Over US Rating For Max Payne

Is Will Smith Captain America?

Childs' Play Remake Will Be Darker

Michael Caine Says Johnny Depp Is The Riddler & Philip Seymour Hoffman Is The Penguin (He has been reading the tabloids too!!)

Really Cool 'The Wrestler' Toronto Film Festival Poster: