Monday, October 20, 2008

Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead Remake/Sequel

While chatting with about his upcoming film My Name Is Bruce, Bruce Campbell was asked the inevitable question whats happening with the Evil Dead 4 and the remake, here's whats Bruce had to say:
"In the remake, there's really no part for me," Campbell told Bloody-Disgusting. "Other than being the old guy at the bait shop going 'Hey, be careful of that cabin.' You'd have to get a whole new cast and put them through a whole new set of nightmares.

"The remake could actually be cool philosophically. This is only my personal opinion, [but] I'd go back to handheld 16mm with total unknowns just like the first one. You make the effects a little less [high end]. You could still do some visual effects with digital, but I'd really mess with people and make it a scary theater where you're still trapped again. And I think you can do that all over again because we had no one of any name in the first Evil Dead, so it can be done. I'd go low tech. The desire is always to go bigger.

"In terms of the [sequel], that's all fine. I think Sam and I will do it when schedules line up and if I'm not too old. But he's been so busy with these Spider-Man movies, it's like 'When the hell would we ever do it?' I think the desire is there. We both like the series a lot. It's been really fun creatively and we would probably be very happy to revisit it if and when that ever happens."