Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Evil Dead 4' Hopes Dashed Again

Devastating news today as Sam Rami has said that The Evil Dead 4 is once again on the back burner. Talking to MTV he said this:
“We never did it,” Raimi admitted when we checked in with him on the project recently. “There was too much work to do on ‘Drag Me to Hell.’”

Raimi is referring to the Justin Long-starring flick that will return him to his horror roots next May, and which he also co-wrote with brother Ivan. The flick is a cool-sounding tale of a young woman (Alison Lohman) who finds herself cursed, but it most certainly will not involve Bruce Campbell, raping trees, or those beloved “Evil Cam” shots.

“It’s on hold still,” Raimi said of the much-anticipated “Dead” sequel, likely to be pushed back even further by his recent talk that he’ll be directing two more “Spider-Man” movies that should keep him busy for the better part of the next half-decade. “It’s still on the back-burner.”

While the 49-year-old writer/director acknowledged that the news will likely disappoint all his “Dead” heads, he is still promising that the franchise shall rise again. “I read this article online that [referred to those Comic-Con quotes] and was like, ‘Raimi promises again. He’s not going to deliver’,” Raimi joked. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God, you guys know me so well.’
“I’m honored some people want to see it, and I’d like to do it, and one day I will,” he added. “I just don’t know when.”

If it’s any kind of consolation for their continued wait, Raimi did want to reveal to the fans that when he and Ivan hung out in August the duo did brainstorm a few small jokes – even if they are still a long way from a finished script. “It’s like every time we get together, we write a few jokes, or a page or two,” Raimi explained. “But that’s about it.”
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