Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jack Black To Star In Bourne Inspired Comedy Film

Jack Black is reuniting with 'Kung Fu Panda' writers, for an untitled live-action action comedy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter the film will be a comedic take on 'The Bourne Identity'.

Black will star as an American who finds himself washed up on the shores of Cuba with no idea of who he is or how he got there.

He comes to the conclusion that he must be a superspy, though in reality he is far from one.

Speaking about the film, writer Glenn Berger said: "If he did turn out to be a superspy, this wouldn't be a 'comedic Bourne Identity,' but just 'The Bourne Identity,' and apparently Universal has already made that movie, several times!"

Berger's co-writer Jonathan Aibel said: "For our next live-action project, we knew we wanted to work with either a panda or Jack!

"We also figured that if we could write for Jack as a panda, we could write for him as a human."