Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ridley Scott Going Sci-Fi Again With Brave New World

Not content with making 2 of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. He now plans to adapt Aldous Huxley’s classic Brave New World.

Leonardo DiCaprio, whose Father owns the movie rights to Brave New Word, will most lilely star as John the Savage, a natural man who confronts a world of test-tube babies who are kept pacified with drugs and sex.

Scott was interviewed by i09 and had this to say:
Why did you decide to adapt Brave New World into a movie, why do you want to make this story?

I didn't choose to do it, someone came to me with it. In fact it was Leo's [Leonardo DiCaprio's] production company that came to me with that. And it's a big challenge, in fact. Because when you look at the two players or visionaries in the field, at that moment [it] would be Huxley and it would be Orwell and that was 60 or 75 years ago. They were predictions in a way, they weren't aware at the time, but they were predictions. One could argue that Orwell kind of got there first and Orwell was closer to the notion of "big brother," [with the] Cold War. But I don't think that's it, I think that big brother may be the internet. I don't know but I think that's the way it's going to go. And so the Aldous Huxley's [novel] literally what is called Brave New World that's a very hard adaptation. So we're still dancing with that one, but it's a challenge.

Have you finished the script or are you close?

No, no no we're still struggling with that one. I have 40 things on the go at once. But that's a very important one. And sometimes, some surface faster than the others. It's partly luck of the draw. Even with a good writer, he'll do it and screw up. So then you go back to the table and start all over again, it's hard. The hardest single thing is getting it on paper.

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