Monday, November 17, 2008

Disney Pixar's 'BURN-E' Short

After a meteorite strikes a lamp outside the Axiom, a robot named BURN-E is sent to repair it. WALL-E and EVE's adventures indirectly prevent BURN-E from fixing the lamp. After multiple attempts, BURN-E finally fixes the lamp but is locked out (a scene that is featured in the actual film) and tries to get back inside. After multiple futile attempts, BURN-E gets back inside, only to fall back out when Auto tilts the ship. When the ship is corrected, it goes into warp and heads back to Earth. BURN-E is pinned to the ship as it lands on Earth.

When the ship lands, BURN-E finds the ship to be deserted. He ends up in an escape pod and waves to the supply robot, SUPPLY-R. As he is waving, BURN-E accidentally presses the "launch" button, sending the pod crashing to the ground. BURN-E flings the hatch of the pod into the air as he jumps out. He tests the newly fixed lamp, only to have it destroyed by the flying escape hatch.

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