Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doctor Who: Paterson Joseph To Be 11th Doctor?

UPDATE: Matt Smith Is The New Doctor!

Paterson Joseph looks set to become the 11th Doctor and also the first black actor to potray the time lord. Sources close to the BBC have reportedly confirmed that he has been asked to be the new Doctor and that he accepted a couple of days ago.

Betting sites such as Paddy Power have stopped accepting bets on the replacement to David Tennant which can be seen here!

Intrestingly too the BBC recently had an interview with Patterson regarding the role of Sci-Fi's most famous time traveller.

Joseph, who appeared in two Doctor Who episodes in 2005 and also starred in Jekyll (which was written by new Doctor Who show runner Steve Moffatt), said “any actor would love the challenge” of playing the Time Lord.

Phillip Rhys an actor appearing in BBC's surviors along side Joesph also let slip that Joesph had been cast as The Doctor:

Robert Carlyle who had been hotly tipped to be the doctor told the Daily Record: "This has followed me for two years. But no-one has ever approached me about it and I never wanted to talk about it because you can't talk about another actor's part."

Carlyle, also suggested that he would be willing to play The Doctor. "I would treat [the role] with respect and regard it properly, but I would have to be approached about it first,".

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