Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Judd Apatow Slasher Movie?

Bill Hader hinted to Devin Faraci of CHUD, that he and Saturday Night Live writer Simon Rich have written a slasher movie for Judd Apatow.
What would an Apatow-produced slasher film from Rich and Hader be like? Says Bill: 'It's partially Straw Dogs meets Halloween meets Home Alone meets Monster Squad.' It's hard to argue against that.

'I don't know if it's even going to get made,' Hader told me. 'Judd met with us and said "I want to do a horror movie with you. I want to see you in a slasher movie."'

The film will be a horror comedy, and while Hader danced around giving away too much, he did describe it to me like this: 'It is definitely about guys nowadays, that idea that you watch fucked up shit on TV, how violence in our culture - this sounds really hoity toity - you watch fucked up reality shows, I love true crime shows. The idea of that thing coming to your house, and what do you do? I would shit my pants. That's basically what the movie is about. What if that guy decided to come to your house? What would you and your dipshit friends do about it?'