Monday, January 12, 2009

Kristen Schaal’s Series Penelope: Princess Of Pets Being Made For Channel 4

Kristen Schaal’s web series Penelope: Princess Of Pets could be made into a pilot for Channel 4.

She and double-act partner Kurt Braunohler made five episodes of the offbeat show for now-defunct website Super Deluxe.

And now Schaal, who plays obsessed fan Mel in the Flight Of The Conchords, says it ‘looks like’ they will be developing the offbeat show for Channel 4.

‘This year, it’s going to be me trying to figure out how to make a pilot in London.’

But the New-York based comic says she has no plans to move across the Atlantic: ‘I can’t afford it there, the flats are so expensive. I’d be living on the street, so no, I’ll just go over there for a few weeks to do it.

‘It’s all a little bit hazy, but that’s what I see myself doing.’

Penelope Princess of Pets Episode 5

She also revealed some information on the upcoming season of Flight of the Conchords and what we can expect to see:
"I think, definitely more of the same things that people love, like the guys are going to be prophetic in some ways, and enduring in most. They’ll be working for love and fame. All the characters come back, and there’s music, which makes it an unusual TV show.

I think that they’ve got more money this year: I’ve read the scripts and I’ve only gotten to see a few things that are on it, and some of the music videos they’ve cut were gorgeous. It’s exciting, because it seems like every creative whim that the guys had this year got to be played out. It’s very surreal, too: it’s a surreal season, in my opinion, in all the best ways."

Check out the whole web series here.