Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sienna Miller Leaves 'Nottingham'

According to from an article in the New York Times, Sienna Miller has quit Nottingham in which she was to play Maid Marian, rumors have it that she did not get on with co-star Russell Crowe. An insider supposedly says there is trouble on the set saying:
"Russell Crowe is ‘telling producers to get a new director, demanding script rewrites and, now, forcing Sienna Miller out of the flick’."

"Originally the movie was about a love triangle between Maid Marian, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. It is now all about Russell's Robin Hood," said the mole.

"Literally, 40 pages of script were redone and now are just devoted to him and his massive ego. It's amazing."

Crowe has been cast as both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham in the film, which will start shooting in March.