Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stephen Merchant Possibly Creating An Office Spin-off

Stephen Merchant has been in talks about working on a spinoff for the US version of The Office.

The BBC original, which Merchant co-wrote with Ricky Gervais, was remade and adapted for the US under the supervision of Greg Daniels. An offshoot of the US version has long been expected, with one project set to be a spin-off starring Amy Poehler evolving into it's own separate sitcom with no links to The Office.

Executive producer and show runner Daniels has said that a direct spinoff could be revived with help from Merchant.

"It's not possible, physically, for me to be involved in it right this second, but I'm talking to people over at The Office about another idea, and Stephen Merchant came back and directed an episode of The Office so were were talking about the idea,"

"It's possible that some combination of other Office people could produce it without my giving blood for it."

Meanwhile the US Office has been renewed for the 2009-2010 season as well as the brilliant 30 Rock which NBC also green lit for another season.

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