Sunday, March 29, 2009

Impressive Cast For Birdsong

British director Rupert Wyatt sat down with to talk about his next project an adaptation of Sebastian Faulks' bestseller "Birdsong" for Working Title Productions.

Still in the pre-productions stage Wyatt revealed the some of the cast members, and he has assembled quite an impressive cast of Flicks News favourite actors with Brian Cox set to play a tough army colonel, and Michael Fassbender& Paddy Considine also attatched.

Wyatt had this to say on the plot of the film:
"It's a very well known book in the UK. It's a big bestseller about 10, 15 years ago, but it's set during World War I. I supposed you could relate it to 'The English Patient' albeit of a different period, but it has a similar structure in terms of it deals with different timelines. It's about a man whose heart is broken during a love affair with this married woman who ultimately ends up experiencing the horrors of the first World War."