Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mark Strong Talks Sherlock Holmes

Totalfilm got to sit down with Hollywoods favorite go to villian Mark Strong, about his role in Sherlock Holmes as occult-dabbling Satanist Lord Blackwood, here's what he had to say:
“There’s a fantastic sequence where we duel to the death on a half-built Tower Bridge,” he said. “It’s a perfect way to end the movie, Robert and I hammering seven bells out of each other on top of this swinging bridge with Victorian London as a backdrop. It’s going to be amazing.”

For those not in the know, Strong plays occult-dabbling Satanist Lord Blackwood, who he admits is based on Alastair Crowley.

“There’s a touch of Dracula about him,” he said of the character. “He needed to have an element of showmanship about him by virtue of the fact that he’s trying to persuade everyone around him that he’s so in league with the Devil that he’s able to conquer death. I just wanted to make him an equal adversary of Sherlock Holmes.”