Friday, March 27, 2009

Sam Raimi Has Begun Writing The Evil Dead 4

According to an Empire Magazine interview with Sam Raimi, a snippet of which has been revealed on DS, Raimi has confirmed is writing the Evil Dead 4, he says:
"We've got nine pages so far. Every time I'm with my brother Ivan, we write another page of it. It's in Detroit and in my garage.

"There's some dialogue. Ash being an idiot. Ash taking some abuse. Some character stuff and then some structure of Act Two.

"Just other possibilities for things that could happen. It's ideas, jokes, things we'd like to see."
It has been no easy task for us Evil Dead fans expecting this to ever happen, a long mooted Evil Dead 4 has always resulted in a fair share of deadites being let down, but this time its looking promising that Evil Dead 4 is finally happening.