Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Christian Bale To Step Down As Batman Due To Terminator Commitments


A third Christopher Nolan directed Batman film seems less likely today as Christian Bale officially announced he was stepping down from the role as Gotham's caped crusader. Bale who had already signed on to star in all 3 upcoming Terminator films revealed due to upcoming filming scheduling commitments of the sequels to Terminator Salvation and "feeling that the Dark Knight was a fitting end to his involvement with the films" stated he will no longer play Batman.

Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan is now busy working in pre-production on his upcoming sci-fi flick Inception opting not to go straight to work on a Dark Knight Sequel as Warner Brothers had hoped, he is also expected to start filming the film adaption of cult TV classic 'The Prisoner' next year which has led many to suspect he too is no longer involved with the Batman franchise.

Ironically it is Bale's Terminator Salvation co-star Sam Worthington who has been tipped to replace Christian Bale as Batman in the third instalment of the caped crusader’s franchise which could see a whole new team behind it. The 32 year old is expected to break it big this year in his roles in Terminator and James Cameron's Avatar.

For more info on this story head to the good folks over at loof lirpa who broke the news!