Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation: He'll Be Back

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed to the Los Angeles Times that he does indeed have a small cameo in the up coming 'Terminator Salvation' plus there is room for a bigger role in the franchise for him if he decides to get back into acting saying:
Schwarzenegger told blogger Bill Bradley, who asked some questions of his own and others submitted via Twitter, that he had met with the director and agreed to be in the movie as long as he didn’t have to perform.

“I made it very clear that I don’t have the time to do the movie,” he said. “I said that I would be willing to be in the movie if they get the technology together, and so they are working on that right now.” In the film, a prequel to the original, Schwarzenegger would be in a brief scene in which the main character encounters him as a “future Terminator,” according to the governor. “I think it’s cool to continue on with the franchise ... in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting after I’m through here,” he said. The governor said he did not yet know what other opportunities might present themselves after he completes his term in less than two years, but he also suggested that he might write a book about his time in office.