Saturday, April 18, 2009

John Woo Talks Next Project & Hard Boiled 2

John Woo is now no longer making historical epic 1941, Woo told Empire "I had to pass because we had so many problems with the people who owns the rights,","We couldn't make a deal so I had to give it up. It's a little painful since we spent so long developing the story and we found very good actors."

So whats next for Woo? A Chinese romance epic set 2000 years ago and on the scale of Red Cliff which he describes as "It's like a Romeo and Juliet love story,", "A love story, but with war scenes."

He also mentioned Hard Boiled 2, "I'm involved as producer. We're working on the script and I'm sure it's gonna be a very interesting movie, but it won't be ready until years from now." Chow Yun-Fat's involvement is with the film is still in the balance, according to Woo.