Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Al Pacino In Talks For 'Blink'

Al Pacino is in talks for the lead role in Stephen Gaghan's new movie Blink.

Gaghan is the Oscar-winning writer behind Traffic and directed Abandon and Syriana.

The project, which is set up at Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way company, is based on Malcolm Gladwell's book which examines the benefits and drawbacks of making snap decisions.

The story will center on Pacino's character and his twenty something son he was never close to. After the two reconnect, the boy, an idealistic drifter who's teaching in a downtown New York school, and the father, a finance type living in Connecticut, must navigate their new relationship.

The connection to the book is that the son has the Blink qualities that Gladwell discusses: He can size up people and situations on a dime. Recognizing this ability, his father wants to help the boy find himself while at the same time using him to make some dough on Wall Street.

Blink is expected to move forward once an actor has been found for the son role.