Thursday, May 14, 2009

Could Part Of 'Spider-Man 4' Be Shot In Ireland?

The Dundalk Democrat and MTV are reporting a small portion of Spider-man 4 could be shot in Dundalk.
Dundalk came into Raimi's way of thinking when the New York Times profiled Dundalk's Sustainable Energy Zone in one of its issues back in April 2008, a story which was featured also in the Dundalk Democrat at the time.

In the New York Times article, DkIT's 60m high wind turbine was featured, something that caught Raimi's eye. Now after getting in touch with Dundalk film director John Moore, Raimi has his sights set on bringing a small part of the production to Dundalk.

A Marvel spokesperson, ???? Ms Aprile Fulday ???? said: "We are delighted to be bringing one of our most celebrated comic and screen icons, Spiderman, to Dundalk, Ireland.