Monday, May 4, 2009

Could A Superman Returns Sequel Be Announced At Comic-Con?

Superman Returns writer Michael Dougherty left a very cryptic clue on his blog, that has some speculating that a sequel to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns is to be announced in July.
Keep Watching The Skies
Two announcements are coming. One in June, the other at Comic-Con in July. Fun stuff that makes me smile...and finally relax. Thanks for all of your messages and support.
The June announcement will likely be the official announcement of the Dougherty written/directed Trick 'r Treat being finally released on DVD & Blu-Ray later this year after being in release hell for the last 2 years.

Trick 'r Treat DVD Trailer

In Superman Returns related news Quentin Tarantino revealed in an interview with NY Times that he is a huge Superman Returns fan and is working on a epic review of the film, he also said he would give a best director award to Bryan Singer for his work on the film:
In your festival, who won best director?
Bryan Singer for ‘Superman Returns.’ I am a big fan of ‘Returns.’ I’m working on what is now a 20-page review of that movie, and I’m not done yet.