Monday, May 11, 2009

Rhys Darby Talks His First Lead In A Film & Conchords TV Future

Rhys Darby spoke to the New Zeland Herald and mentioned that he is finishing shooting his first movie lead in 'Coming and Going' opposite Sasha Alexander (NCIS).
"It's fabulous," quipped Darby, "The emphasis is all on me. I'm in most of the scenes."

Darby wondered initially if he could carry the film for two hours, but said it was perfect for him. "It really showcases all of my skills. I can bring my own play on to the script as well."

He said US cable network HBO had commissioned a third series of Flight of the Conchords. "We're discussing it right now, in fact, whether the guys want to do another one. One's been ordered but it's up to the boys.

"They've got another week and a half and they finish their big US tour and then they will probably take a moment to work out whether they want to continue or not. So that's the big question still yet to be answered, I'm afraid."