Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ridley & Tony Scott To Produce 'Alien' Remake?

Seann William Scott & Adam Brody Join Couple Of Dicks

DreamWorks Announces New Animation Slate, 5 Features Every 2 Years

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz To Reunite On Screen For 'Wichita'

John Stockwell To Direct 'Roadkill'

Jake Kasdan Set To Direct 'Bad Teacher'

Dustin Hoffman To Star Opposite Paul Giamatti In 'Barney’s Version'

Al Pacino To Portray Jack Kevorkian AKA Dr. Death In 'You Don’t Know Jack'

Dan Aykroyd Talks 'Ghostbusters 3'

'G.I. Joe' International Poster:
T2 Is Arnies Fave Film & He Thought Terminator Salvation Was Good