Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Darren Aronofsky Not A Fan Of 3D Cinema

Darren Aronofsky while speaking at the Edinburgh Film Festival said he is "unconvinced" by 3D film technology and thinks it is a "gimmick" he also found the experience of watching 3D movies "really annoying".

"Wearing glasses all the time and putting those glasses on top just sucks"

"It doesn't represent reality better than 35mm cameras - I'm not sold on it"

The director admitted the technology had potential however, saying: "I can't wait to see what Jim Cameron does with it because I'm sure it'll be mind-blowing and amazing.

"I imagine Cameron will bring it to a whole new level [with his new film Avatar] and it will be interesting to see what he does, but right now I'm unconvinced."

But he added he thought it was a good way to sell tickets and get people to go to the cinema.

Interestingly when the announcement was made that Robocop was being revived and rebooted the producers mooted the film as a likely 3D release, Aronofsky is set to direct the reboot Robocop next year.

Aronofsky is also upset that the theme music to his 2000 film Requiem for a Dream has become a staple on trailers and TV reality shows including Britain's Got Talent.

"They use it in the NBA finals now - it's just become this cliche"

"And it kind of bums me out because I just know people who are just discovering it, think it's just that cheesy music."